Refer a Friend

You love it, your child loves it, and you can see the music blossoming in their hearts.  You may want to share this with your friends.  Please do.  Actually, it is because of enthusiastic Kindermusik families like yours, that most new families learn about my program and find such joy for their own family.

I’ll even make it easy for you to share by offering business cards you can keep in your purse or diaper bag.  And I’ll send quick cute emails about our Kindermusik programs that you can forward to your friends.   And feel free to hop in on the conversations on my Music Connections Facebook Page, liking what we share, and sharing what you like with your own friends.  I LOVE to get your feedback on our conversations!!!

If a friend does seem interested, invite them to visit a class.  They may be able to visit class with you, or they may need to visit a class more appropriate for their age child.  Just make sure to let me know, or have them contact me, so I can ensure that we schedule them for the correct class for their age, and one that is not already full.

If a friend visits a class because of you, both of you will get a Card with which 10 songs can be downloaded for free.

For each friend who enrolls for a full unit, the person referring can choose an appreciation gift:

  • card to download  10 recordings of your choice.
  • OR, an instrument or a prop that I have at the studio
  • OR, $10 off tuition for the current unit, taken off the last payment.

No matter what, I want to thank you for sharing your enthusiasm about Kindermusik.   Even if someone is not ready to visit or join a class, your enthusiasm has started a spark of curiosity connected with a positive vibe about Kindermusik.   They may someday be ready, or perhaps they will get curious enough to go to my website, and get some good ideas for starting some fun musical activities at home.

I believe every child and every family can benefit from letting music weave it’s way throughout our daily routines.  There are many ways to do that without a structured class.  But Kindermusik does make it easier by providing the tools, a qualified teacher who cares, and LOTS of ideas both in person, and through online communications.

Thanks for helping me spread the joy of music in family life !!!

Merry Melodies,
Debbie Mondale