Today the children and I enjoyed some of our favorite activities from weeks past—My Bike, Walk All Around (with the sculptures), and others. The city sculptures they brought in were amazing! Each one was unique and creative – a momma and baby pig, a unicorn, a colorful play dough mermaid, and a catapillar, a paper-mache duck with yarn hair, a colorful sand castle, even a glass slipper, showed up to class, as well as some unique visions of the students themselves – two even featured themselves in full room dioramas .  The children loved telling the class all about them!  It was wonderful to see how


During Sharing Time a new theme was introduced—taking pictures. I know that you will enjoy your new literature book about a snappy, zippy photographer, Razupazu Toto. As you read the book together at home, you will find that it opens many conversation avenues!  Watch for Razupazu’s little blue friend, the bird, and have fun discussing the other people and specific city details that you find in the book.  And enjoy 1:1 correspondence counting of many of the items in the book, esp. all the windows on the page with the saxophone player,  that will test their counting skills.


The activity page #8 discusses this mathematical concept in more depth, and gives some good ideas for developing this skill in a way we don’t usually consider – counting the sounds we hear.  Like, how many times does your microwave beep?   And I recommended taking turns on the resonator bars, playing and counting the number of times the bar is tapped (be sure to tap slow enough to count effectively).


Next week, we will get back to activity page #7, and all that goes with it.  Although I apologize for mis-calculating the week we have off.  We do have two more weeks of class before Spring Break.