Your young baby has slept (as well as possible), been fed, diapered, and cuddled… and both of you are ready for some fun… maybe even ready to LEAVE the house and connect with people. But where?  Imagine a safe and happy place where you and Baby can get down on the floor, connecting with each other and other families in fun musical ways that nurture both you and your child.

This is the third child in this family to be enjoying Kindermusik with her mommy. She is so happy to have her own class !

Come try out a NEW Kindermusik class designed for babies from infancy to toddling.

Tuesdays @ 12:30

Wednesdays @ 11:30

For many families, Kindermusik is an outing they look forward to attending each week with their baby.    Many even find more, as friendships blossom and they find they are part of a little community of people making the best of life for their family at each of these young ages and stages.

The Cuddle and Bounce program is designed, by Kindermusik International, specifically to meet the needs of babies from infancy up to 1 year old, and of the loving adults who care for them.

Here in Lakeland, FL, we are NOW offering this mommy and me style program on Wednesdays at 11:30 am.  We have several wonderful families already gathering with us at that time, and would love to welcome and become a support system for other families facing the challenges and delights of this young, fascinating stage of life.

Let’s talk about you and your baby, and schedule a time for a visit.  Start the conversation with us by following the link and completing the form to

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If you think about it, your day-to-day routine with a young baby is a lot like a piece of music.  Ups, down, repetitions, patterns, fast parts, slow parts, and lots (and lots) of improvising!   From Tiny to Toddling, babies do best with a certain rhythm to their day.  When music, and playful interactions are a part of these routines, they can develop into loving rituals for you and your little one.  You may already include some well loved songs you learned from your own parents, helping your baby begin to feel the connection to the family and culture of their heritage.  If so – you have created an excellent beginning for your child.

Perhaps your daily routines need some musical “spice”… new songs to sing, new ways to interact with your baby, and some connection with other families, to more fully enjoy this wonderful time of tiny.  That’s what I found when I first discovered Kindermusik back in 1996, when my little man was so young.  It has been such GOOD “spice” in my life that I became addicted to it, and have been dedicated to offering this opportunity to families as a teacher since 1998.

Enrollmment is just $60 a month, and includes 4 lessons each month and access to new unique sets of Kindermusik Digital Home Materials each month, including music, book and suggested activities to interact with your little one, as well as music and activity downloads.

The best way to experience this opportunity is to visit a class and try it out for yourself.  Ms Debbie will be happy to answer any of your questions. Call: 863-816-8835

Request a Free Preview


During the 2016-17 Kindermusik Session, there will be 9 unique themes.


When Baby starts walking around and becoming more active, it is easy to move up to the next level, where the focus will be on their new stage of active exploration.