ZUKA ZAMA!  Have you heard?  Disney and Kindermusik have partnered to create a super fun class for families!!  This is a limited time class and YOU are invited to experience the joy of Disney & Kindermusik together.  So sign up now along with your friends!

The Rock & Roar Experience will be most enjoyed by children 2-5 years old, but their younger and older siblings are welcome to come along too.  During our event, we will explore the African savannah in a rip-roaring, fast-moving adventure, all set to the thunderous beats from Kindermusik and “The Lion Guard.” Along the way, we will learn to build relationships, develop language and literacy skills, enhance balance, flexibility, and coordination, learn steady beat, and explore pretend play.

This Disney show, the Lion Guard, is about a group of friends,
which focus on the unique strengths of each individual,
and the amazing things they can do when they work together.
In Kindermusik, often strong friendships are made in our class groups,
appreciating the unique personalities of each child… and their loving partner,
and enjoying the wonderful process of learning to make music together.
This collaborative event is a great opportunity to experience
friendship through Kindermusik.

All events will be held at our Kindermusik studio on New Jersey Rd (Lakeside Baptist) in Lakeland, FL.  These are scheduled at different times and days throughout February, March, and April. This is a GIFT to the community, a chance to enjoy the experience of connecting through music.

April 2016  events are scheduled for a variety of days and times, so everyone can find a time to participate.  These are the last to be offered.

  • Saturday, 4/16  @ 10 am  & 11:15 am.
  • Tuesday, 4/19  @  10 am  &   5:30 pm (evening class!)
  • Friday, 4/22  @  11 am.  &  1:30 pm.

Online enrollment in advance is required through the following link.  Space is limited to just 10 families per event.  Enrollment is limited to ONE event per family.

Enroll NOW for this Exclusive Event



There is no tuition or fee, come as our guest.  Consider contributing to our service project.  We are collecting diapers of any size and wipes, as well as any children’s clothing or accessories.  You are welcome to drop them in our collection box. All donations go to local services for at risk families through New Life Center for Family Preservation.  They are just opening up a new second hand boutique to provide training and support for their residents..

The music for the Disney’s Lion Guard lion guard is AMAZING,  their message is sweet, and with Kindermusik methodology behind it – this event has proven to be a special time for families to connect through music.