is for babies

up to 18 months.


Fall Semester classes are offered on Wed. 9:30 am., or Thurs. 12:30 pm.

at In Tune Studios. 

It is a 45 min. class with the parent for 7 weeks.

A New Semester starts Oct. 29 – 30th .







This unit is a celebration of all things special about the night; the moon, the stars, dreaming, and the nighttime rituals families enjoy on the way to a sleeping child. 

The book and posters feature soothing water color pictures of night scenes, and the words are meant to be spoken or sung as a lullaby.  On the CD, you’ll find many of the songs are sung by the soothing voice of Arthur Joseph, author of Sing Your Heart Out!

A NEW addition to the Home Materials this semester is the wooden Star instrument, with rings to use as handle, and bells incased in attached wooden beads for safety.


For more info. or to enroll, contact Debbie at 816-8835  or .

Or, for extreme ease, you can enroll, and even pay on my website: .


Please enroll soon so I can order your materials in time for the 1st day of class.  OR call to arrange to visit the first day of class, and if you decide to join, I’ll have the materials by the 2nd day of class.


Total cost for materials & tuition = $115 


This time of year gets a little busy with the holidays, so I have arranged the schedule to be a little more loose.  We start on the last week of October, there are two weeks in each of Nov., Dec., and Jan.  Check out the full Calendar Page.