In our Kindermusik for the Young Child, second year program, we are beginning to study the Native American music.    We start with the Drum, which to the Native American people represents the heartbeat – where it all starts.

This video features Alan Willes, who makes Native American drums, and shares with us the “Horse Theif” song, and all of the meaning behind the drum, and the song.  You’ll notice that in the Native American Culture, everything represents or means something important, and that ALL experiences are to learn from.

In Kindermusik class, children tap their bare hands on the animal skin of a powwow drum, and feel the power of it’s beat as we sing and dance to cultural music from many different Native nations.

Wouldn’t it be fun for you and your child to make your own drum and create a song about something your child can relate with ! Can you tell a super hero story with a drum, using one rhythm for the super hero, and another rhythm for the bad guy – how does the story unfold? Or how about an Indian princess that gets taken by another tribe and her people have to rescue her? Or if your child likes animals, create a story with lots of animals in the woods, each with their own short rhythm.