At this time, I am not approaching you as a Kindermusik educator, but as a concerned neighbor.  I would just like to share with you an immediate need that we have in our community. 

Paddock Club FireAs you may, or may not, be aware, EIGHT families, living in Building #5 at the Paddock Club in North Lakeland, FL., lost most everything they had in the fire that ravaged that building.  There are 18 adults and 19 children between the 8 families, and one of the ladies is in a wheelchair with her arm in a sling.  This picture from The Ledger is of that building as the fire fighters were starting the clean up process.

RIGHT NOW, these folks need financial help desperately.  They aren’t getting it from anywhere else.  An outpouring of gift cards or donations, even as little as $5 or 10 from each person who can find it in their heart, could make a HUGE difference in these families’ lives right now.  Find out more about these families and how you can help at the following website:  

Adults  Most families have been able to be relocated, and much has been donated to them in the way of clothes and furniture, and even some food.  My current Kindermusik families have been kind in their donations, and so far, 5 full loads have been delivered from my van directly to these families, as well as two trailers full of furniture and other items.  The victims are extremely grateful for what they have recieved. 

But the families have an even more important need at this time.  All of their money has gone into this re-location process.  Starting over, from nothing, is an overwhelming task and financial burden – not one that can be taken care of fully from a monthly salary. 

childrenThese families are in dire need, as they are not being able to purchase medications for their families.  Some folks are going without their medication RIGHT NOW because they don’t have the funds to purchase them.  These families also need to purchase household supplies, for cleaning and laundry, and personal care items (things that are not typically donated, and are more about personal choice).

This is NOT some general organization trying to raise funds for a general cause.  This is one person, a good friend, who is trying to help these specific people get back on their feet.

Jessie Hollen, who lives in building #6, has been a close friend of these families for years.  She saw, first hand, the devastation that the fire has brought to these people.  And she has been working tirelessly one on one with each of these families to help meet their specific needs.  Donated items are taken directly to the families who need them.  You can read more about her efforts, and how to get your gift cards or donations to her, on a website she set up specifically for this cause.   Her goal is to collect $5000 in 7 days.  These folks REALLY need it.  She has some good ideas for how inspired individuals can really rally to gather these needed funds and send them along to her.

She makes copies of every financial donation she recieves, and personally sends Thank You messages to as many as she has addresses or emails for.  But the really important part is that Jessie is truly dedicated to making sure that these families get the help they need as soon as it comes through her door.

Please help us help them.

Merry Melodies,
Debbie Mondale