In Mrs. Carolyn’s art class for Little Picassos, families enjoy exploring specific themes through stories, art, and snacks.

Families may sing a song about an Itsy, Bitsy Spider (as well as a Big Fat Harry Spider), then read a book about spiders, have a snack that looks like a spider,  then make two different art projects with a focus on spiders.  For example, art activities may include using little thumbs to make black thumbprints on a paper and adding some lines to create spiders, or using a marble with paint in a pan on paper to make webs, or painting their own designs on a spider web frame to put in the garden.  This little boy is so proud of his spider frame, and is looking forward to watching a spider fill it with webs !

Try out this class on our Demo Day:  Wed. 29th at 11:30 am.

That’s just one example of what families can experience in the art programs at InTune Studios.

The following classes are offered throughout the year.

Art and Literature for Young Learners –    Ages 2 – 5

  • Wed. 11:30 – 12:30 pm;
  • Thursdays – 10:30 – 11:30 am.
  • Our young students enjoy a classic children’s book read to them, then participate in 2-3 art activities based on the theme and/or type of illustrations within the book.  Student can also enjoy a snack that ties in with the theme.

Kidz’Art    –  Ages 5 – 12 years

  • Tuesdays or Thursdays:  4:15 – 5:00 pm.
  • These school age students get opportunities to explore artistic styles through a variety of medium, including drawing, painting, photography and mixed media.
  • This can be a weekly class, or included as part of a fabulous afterschool program.

Kidz Night Out – Ages 3 – 12 years

  • Scheduled once a month, usually on a Friday Night, 5 – 9 pm.
  • This is a child-care opportunity that provides a fun-filled, stimulating, and safe environment for children while their parents get a chance to enjoy some time alone.
  • Music and art activities are set up for success with ALL ages and abilities.


  Carolyn Espina teaches all the art classes,

and also offers lesson in Suzuki violin.

  •   Contact info:
  •   or Contact Tiffany Stokes, the director of InTune Studios,
  •   and the director of the Lessons for Success afterschool program:  or call:   863-606-8115