As of July 1st of this year, I will be retiring from Kindermusik. As much as I love and believe in this musical process through Kindermusik, I am being drawn to tend to my family’s needs and move toward a different path… a new adventure.


Ms Debbie and parents

I truly would love to make music with you again, and say goodbye personally before moving on in other directions.  So I have scheduled a few individual Kindermusik Playdates in June at our UMT location, which has been graciously provided for us this month by the new tenant.  The waiting room has already been converted to a school classroom, so plan for that area to not be accessible.

I will be working to create content for you again on my Music Connections website and on YouTube, so you can continue to expand using music in your daily routines and connect more closely with your children through musical rituals.

AND, I’ll be available for engaging musical entertainment for Birthday Parties and group events.  And for those interested, I’ll send emails or texts with content updates. 

My time making music with you has been wonderful over the last 21 years. I have seen children blossom through the joy of making music with loved ones and friends. I have seen friendships grow into life-long connections. I have been blessed to be a part of the lives of many young children from 3 months old to 7 years old, developing into confident capable personalities with a strong love of music and skills to be successful at whatever they choose.  I have been honored by the dedication of so many amazing and loving adult partners, eager to learn and seek out best practices for connecting with and teaching your children.
MRI image of dad's tumor
I was hoping to return to teaching in February.  It would be too complicated to explain fully, but EVERY time I tried, even for this summer’s session, “walls” were put in my way.

In so many ways I’ve been fighting to keep my ability and desire make music with you alive and possible. I have kept paying all the monthly expenses (except rent) so I could return to the business of teaching Kindermusik.

I apologize profusely for the excessive delay and lack of communication. I miss you so much, and I kept waiting to let you know WHEN I was ready. I didn’t want to drag you through the challenges and changes I was facing. I just wanted to stabilize my family so I could return. I seriously wasn’t even thinking of telling you goodbye.

Multiple times, I have written to you and created videos to tell you I’ll be teaching again.   But each time I couldn’t send it to you as another life event happens to redirect my focus, time and energy.  Like walls of cropping up in front of my intentions. 

Not all of these “walls” were traumatic, but expected and unexpected events have resulted in the necessity for my full time attention.  Here are a few, if you ever want to swap stories about your experiences in these areas.

  • my dad’s brain tumor and subsequent surgery and recovery
  • my mother’s Alzheimer’s decline, hospice and death,
  • losing access to our location…  AGAIN;
  • continuing hospital and health issues with my dad;
  • housing 3 extra young adults in my home through times of trauma/transition;
  • mental health issues (my feelings of grief and inadequacy sent me reeling);
  • increased need for my husband and son to work and live out of town a LOT;
  • my daughter’s graduation from High School, applying to colleges, etc.;
  • changes to policies and methods at Kindermusik International;
  • my son’s upcoming wedding;
  • building an apartment for my son and future wife on our property;


  • and having a friend offer to build new wooden kitchen cabinets for us which instigated a full kitchen remodel… which I had to/got to design myself from scratch.  As I researched, made decisions and architecturally drew these plans, it actually helped draw me out of my depression.
  • and more…  most still in process…

One of my favorite Garfield cartoons has Garfield asking Jon, “How big and how red does the flag have to be?”   Okay, God/universe, I’m getting the message… it’s time to accept that my life priorities are changing.

With each addition to my “plate”, it meant I could not YET give YOU my best self, to show up, be fully prepared, to give you the tools you need as a parent, and be there for you like I was before.

My goal has always been: “Using music to help you connect with your family, and offering the process of music to support each of us as we become our best selves.”  I believe parents are trying their best to nurture and guide their children and are eager to learn more to continue to adapt and improve as their children grow. I believe children are trying their best, and still have so much to learn. I KNOW learning occurs best through joyful play with people who love each other fully.  I hope that message resonated with you during your time with me.

Kindermusik has been my medium for this goal during the last 20+ years. But now I seek a different capacity, one that also allows me the flexibility to create a quality work life balance with the increased needs of my family.

Music to Inspire, Connect, and add to the joy of our daily lives.

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