Your enrollment is your key that will open the door to the world of musical parenting, and your connection to our local Kindermusik community here in Lakeland.

We strive to make it easy and affordable to be a part of this nurturing experience, as we are passionate about how the magical process of music can make such a powerful impact in the life of a child and the family.

Note from Debbie:   “Honestly, I am dedicated to making this experience right for your family.  Let’s talk !”  

What does my Kindermusik enrollment cost and what does it include

Your total enrollment cost is divided into 9 installments of $65 /month which includes:

  • 34 lessons from mid-August through May for Full school year enrollment
  • Weekly 45 minute classes
  • A new Home CD and book with each unit, and often MORE !
  • Unlimited Makeups as long as you are enrolled
  • Parent Education and Support (in class and online)
  • ONE FREE Playdate Pass.
  • Access to Kindermusik Playdates as extra events at a discount.
  • NO problem entering mid-session, adjustments will be made. (see further Q&A)


  •  Level 5: Kindermusik for the Young Child is $75/month. See further details **. 
  • SUMMER SESSION: includes 6 – 8 lessons and a full set of home materials., with easy monthly installments
  • Siblings get discounts, amount is determined by enrollment in same or different class.

**  Level 5: Kindermusik for the Young Child includes 30 lessons and all of the learning materials they will need, including CD, song book, music activity sheets, teaching aids, and instruments we will use on our musical journey. The total cost for all tuition and materials is divided into 8 monthly payments of $75. (Tip: This is a great price for music education at this age. Have you seen the price of private lessons?)

The Session Subscription Model makes it easier to stay enrolled over several units – without having the “re-enrollment” process for each new unit. Complete your enrollment once, ensure your credit card information is set up for automatic monthly payments, and no one has to worry about these details for the full school year. Summers are set up separately.

The Session Subscription model helps to balance the payments over time, instead of having such a high up-front cost. No matter how many children are enrolled, or WHEN a family enrolls, the total cost for the materials and tuition is divided into equal payments.

Each family will automatically stay enrolled in the WInter and Spring units, with the monthly payments continuing through April (unless you specifiy otherwise). This is done to make this a seamless experience for you (not having to re-enroll for every single unit that comes up.) The session ends in MAY. You will need to enroll separately in the Summer Program.

Does the monthly payment cover 4 lessons per month?

Actually, the monthly payment is a percentage of the total that includes tuition and materials.


The total cost includes tuition for all lesson and ALL of the materials for each of the new units in which you are enrolled. . For example, there are 2 lessons in August, 3 lessons in December, and 2 lessons in May so it doesn’t reflect in a month by month basis. AND, if we have to take a week off for a hurricane, we just extend into the calendar by a week (which is why there are three weeks in December instead of 2).


Can I join anytime, or do I need to wait until the beginning of the session, unit, or month?

Whenever YOU are ready to start, we are ready for you to join us.

Anytime is a great time to start Kindermusik.

No matter when you start, your first payment is $65 (even if the online enrollment process says something different). Ms Debbie will look at your account and make adjustments so your total includes your materials and only the classes after your enrollment. Your regular monthly payments will remain at $65. If necessary, one of the monthly payments will be adjusted accordingly, (less or more, based on the total) which Ms. Debbie will review with you.)  There will be no charge for any lessons prior to your enrollment.

A SESSION is a span of time, like a school year, that includes several themed UNITS with their own unique set of materials. Units can be anywhere from 4 weeks to 15 weeks, depending on the Level of program. Enrollment in a session easily transitions from one unit to the next.

Can I just enroll class by class, or choose specific months?

The joy of music CAN be experienced as an individual event, so we offer our Kindermusik Playdates once a month for those wanting to pick and choose uniquely themed opportunities for making music together with your family.   Our weekly Kindermusik programs are based on the PROCESS of music, which unfolds throughout active involvement, in class and at home, over time. Children learn best when they are familiar and comfortable with their learning space, and consistent learning partners (developing class friends), as well as with the familiarity of music and books which are introduced and repeated according to a specific plan for the best results. That just doesn’t happen when people show up randomly. So per-month, and per-class are not an option for our core programs.

  • I know life does not always fit into perfect little boxes. Always feel free to talk to me and let me know your situation, and we’ll see what we can work out together to match with our mutual goals of what is best for your family, and the families already enrolled.


How does the payment process work?

Our best payment process is set up as automatic payments to make it EASY for both of us.  If you situation requires a different payment process, see below.

The YourVirtuoso (YC) database system, with your personal accounts in Music Connections, takes care several tasks based on your enrollment:

  • It automatically sets up the payment schedule,
  • It sends out notices of scheduled payments.
  • It is easy to SIGN IN to your account and set up your payment information for automatic payments. Click the following link:  :

MUSIC CONNECTIONS Personal Accounts Sign In 

  • Once this is set up, the system will process each scheduled payment automatically for your specific enrollment.
  • Acceptable bank or credit card options: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or a Paypal account number
  • Payments will be processed according to the schedule you can see in your account.
  • Any payment process in this system is identified on your banking statement as “Simply Sign Up”.
  • It will automatically send another email if the payment process was declined, with a link to go into your account and correct the information. Please keep an eye out for these.
  • It will not continue to process any payment after your final payment until you enroll again.
  • If you have any questions, or want to provide payment information by phone, please connect directly: 863-397-4976

I have been using this system for over a decade, and I totally trust that all the information is secure.   I prefer families to use this system, as this way NEITHER of us have to think about it at all during the current session, as long as your payment information remains current and valid.

FYI – Your Family Account can even do more for you !!! When you are logged in, you can also make changes to your family information, like when you move, get a new email address… or even if you have a baby !!! AND, it is easy to schedule a make-up class in this online system. More details about log in and completing these processes are found on my web page:

 Family Accounts Overview

For CONVENIENCE, an assistant will be present at the studio often during the beginning of the session and will help with this, or anything else you need.   If you need the payment schedule to be adjusted, please connect with Lisa, or me, and we can adjust the scheduled dates. For example, you may want it to be processed on the 5th of the month. Just talk with us, and let us know how we can help make this work for you.

Are there other ways to make payments?  

YES, many different forms of payment are accepted !  But I draw the line at chickens.. I will not take chickens for payment…. did you laugh? Good!

  • Checks can be made out to Debbie Mondale and brought to the first class of the month or mailed.
  • Cash brought to class MUST BE in a sealed envelope with your name and amount included so it can be credited to your account correctly.
  • Auto Bank Check Option: One of our families sets up automatic payments from her checking account. The bank prints the check each month and mails it to me.  That’s cool, right?

Mailing Address:  : Debbie Mondale   6825 Ranch Rd.   Lakeland, FL 33809.

Please make sure Payments are paid by the scheduled due date.  It is important that I spend my time preparing amazing things for my Kindermusik families rather than chasing down past due payments.

LATE FEES:  $10 for each week a payment is late.

What if I miss a class, or if I KNOW I'll be absent for some of the dates for the class?

Good question ! We have a very flexible make-up policy. Families that miss a class, or knows they will miss a class can Schedule a Make Up online to attend another class time. With the full school year session, that can be made up at any time throughout the 9 months as long as the family has an active enrollment.  As SOON as you know you will not be able to attend a class, please go online to your family account to Schedule your Make UP, so that space can be made available for someone else to visit that class, or make up a class at that time.


If you know of an upcoming long term absence that is scheduled, like a month long family vacation, or an extended hospitalization, families must contact me IN ADVANCE. Simply send an EMAIL with this information as soon as possible. If the class is not too full, and if it is not possible to schedule the number of make up classes throughout the session, we may be able to work out a prorated tuition in advance. If there are people on the waiting list for that class time, a family may choose to continue their enrollment to keep their place in class, or cancel their enrollment, and be open to another class time when they choose to re-enroll.


If classes are missed without any prior notification, the family is welcome to Schedule Make Up Classes at their convenience, but the charges for those class remain. Prorating tuition cannot occur AFTER classes are missed without notification.

Can changes be made after we get started?

YES !  It is critical to make sure that your child is able to thrive, and that this works for your family’s schedule.   So let’s talk about any changes that can set your child and your family up for success.

You can stay in the same program and change the scheduled class day and/or time.

If a child’s nap schedule changes, or the family schedule changes,  contact us to see what other class times have space available.  As long as there is space available, we can easily transfer a child to the same program at a different time.

If, for any reason you feel your child is not thriving in their assigned class time, connect with Ms. Debbie, so we can discuss options.  Together we will create the best opportunities for success with this process of music.

As your child grows, you change program levels as new units start.

As your child grows throughout the year, they may have a birthday, or reach a milestone age, which gets you wondering… should I move my child up to the next age appropriate program.  If you wonder… please wonder out loud with me.  We will talk about your unique child and their actual abilities and developmental level, as well as your specific goals you have for your child.  We’ll schedule a time for you to visit a class that might be an option.  And through our discussion, you will have what you need to make the best decision.

Each session includes a variety of uniquely themed units that include a set of home materials that is included in your monthly installments for the duration of that unit.  So changing to the next age group is easiest to do when the units change, and it is EASY for us to transfer a student to the next level as long as there is space in one of the class times.   Families can also pre-enroll for the next unit for the higher level class  The wonderful thing is the price does not change when transferring to any program for those under 5 years old.

The Kindermusik for the Young Child program is the exception to this.  This special program for 5 – 7 year old young musicians is a 2 year commitment to sequenced units covering the basics of music theory, music history, and cultural music from around the world.  This is best started in the Fall of a new school year.

Is this a CONTRACT for the full school year? Is it possible to stop without having to pay the full amount?

Enrollment in a Session is not a contract, but it is a commitment for the benefit of your family, and to help us make good business decisions based on our expectations of enrollments.   While we believe that the consistency throughout the school year is what is best for each child, we understand that life doesn’t always cooperate.

If there is a need to cancel enrollment, families CAN request in writing that their enrollment stop by a certain date.  An email with this request should be sent as soon as possible, so families on the waiting list can be notified of upcoming opportunities to join.

This email must be sent at least two weeks in advance to ensure materials for the next unit are not ordered for them, and to set up the system to prevent any future scheduled payments.  Enrollment with the subscription model means the cost of materials and tuition is being spread over time.   The tuition charges will be adjusted to reflect the lessons the families actual enrollment (at the end of that two weeks).  If there is a balance remaining, the final payment will be adjusted accordingly.  Prorating the tuition will not be adjusted AFTER classes are missed without notice.

Be aware, if you must cancel your enrollment for a SHORT amount of time, and want to return,  I cannot save your place in a specific class time unless enrollment is continued.  It will be open for others to enroll.   I will do my best to place you back in that class if space is available, or find a class that does.

Always feel free to talk to me and let me know your situation, and we’ll see what we can work out together.

So, what’s the next step?

I invite you to join thousands of other parents around the world who attend Kindermusik classes every week. I’d love for you to experience for yourself why Kindermusik is the world’s most trusted brand in musical learning.

Take a look at our Programs & Schedule, and determine an available class time that will work best for your child and family.

Choose one of the following:

  • Request to Schedule a Visit – which allows you to participate fully in a class and see the magic before enrolling.
  • Enroll Directly – which saves you a spot in that class time immediately, and allows you to get your materials sooner.
  • Connect with us if you have any questions, or would like a personalized discussion about what is best for your child.


Kindermusik is the best way to make friends and give your children a new fun learning experience! It also teaches them etiquette, manners, sharing and how to get along with others. Great building blocks for the future….
Mrs Debbie is an amazing lady. She works so well with children of all personalities. We joined Kindermusik when my daughter was 2 (she’s now 6) and now her little brother who will be 2 in April has loved it since 6mos old. Both of my children are quiet, shy, and timid to join in at first but Mrs Debbie is so patient and has made sure that my children have never sat on the sidelines just watching. She always makes sure to have them included in the simplest ways so they are enjoying class too until they are comfortable to join in on their own. My son now participates on his own and loves going to music class.
However, Kindermusik isn’t just with our class. It is certainly a part of our home routines too. The songs and dances we learn are incorporated into our daily entertainment, clean up and goes with us in the car too. Even though my daughter is 6 now she still loves to hear the music she grew up with and to play the instruments. She still knows several songs and now she does the lap bounces with her little brother. Watching them enjoy it by themselves is so rewarding and adds a whole new experience for them and myself. The discs have a variety of music on them. Some songs are get up and dance and some songs are great for quiet time, nap time and bed time.
I would highly recommend to anyone with babies, toddlers and littles to try Kindermusik!
You’ll be hooked with just one class!


Audrey O'Donnell

Full time mom to two rays of sunshine !