In the midst of a busy work schedule, create special evenings with your family you will all look forward to once a week.  Pick them up and bring them to our happy place with other awesome families, and enjoy the opportunity to sing, dance together with someone who brings the love and learning out to play.  Learn some cool ways of blending music into your family life, and watch those little faces light up with the joy of your special time together… in class, and during the rest of the week.

Several working families and teachers in Lakeland, FL enjoyed these kinds of moments during the summer Kindermusik classes during the day and could truly see the benefit of consistent processing week to week, rather than once a month (Click to learn more about Saturday Kindermusik Playdates).  These parents asked me to find a way they can continue this opportunity on a weekly basis that is available to them.  And since 2015, we have been enjoying our Thursday evenings together !

Thursdays:  6:15 – 7:00 pm.

Kindermusik Level 2 – Family style


Enrollment is open for evenings with your family to join us as soon as your schedule can be adapted to make this happen !

Family style simply means that the class is open for a wide age range of children, from babies on up to 3, maybe 4 years old or older, depending on the child.  If you have a question, just connect with me so we can talk about your family.

Click to learn more about the Level 2 Core curriculum, through a short video and descriptions of materials and themes that are scheduled now and in the near future. 

The cost of $65 a month for four months covers the tuition for 15 weekly classes for one child, as well as the music, book, instrument and other materials to continue the joy and engaged learning at home.  During the summer, it is still $65/month, but for just 8 lessons June & July.


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Perhaps you prefer to start with a one-time event?   

Saturday Kindermusik Playdates

Check out our unique seasonally themed Playdates offered once a month, typically on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  If it is not possible for your family to join us weekly, then this option allows you the opportunity to get new music, and some delightful musical ways to enjoy each season!


However you decide to join us, we look forward to making music with you and learning together.

Please join us, and let your world of family love blossom through music.  And don’t be surprised if friendships between our families pop up and grow into fun relationships as well.

Make your Thursday evenings something you look forward to each week.