“Let’s walk to the grocery store and listen to our feet, clip, clop, flip, flop…  listen to the beat.”    Using rhymes like this during daily activities with your little ones makes it a fun adventure, and sets it up as a learning experience… for musical concepts, like timbre and steady beat, as well as other developmental benefits, like exploring locomotor motions, and making language connections.

It only takes a little musical magic to take the ORDINARY, and make it EXTRAORDINARY.    You and your baby can connect, laugh, and learn along with other babies and families how to make this musical magic this summer.

Kindermusik Babies Adventures:   Busy Days

This program is specifically designed for families that want to offer their baby (2 – 18 months) an opportunity to freely explore music in a variety of ways, creatively interacting with a parent (or grandparent), and with other babies and their parents.  Ooooh, I just LOVE this baby time !

Busy Days celebrates the rich lives parents and children share.  Even the most mundane tasks or outings become extraordinary when we look through a child’s eyes and experience the world as fresh and new.  A trip to the grocery store can be a sensory feast to a little one.  And, if a parent is armed with songs, rhymes, and games to enjoy while cruising down the aisles, or wile away a long wait in line at the register, the experience may become a journey brimming with fun and learning.  This adventure is sure to build a parent’s repetoire of on-the-go, attention-getting songs and rhymes to accompany daily routines and excursions.  Enjoy learning new ways to expand on park visits, trips to the doctor, playtime at the beach, and family picnics.

Includes FIVE  45 min. classes, as well as a CD of music, a child’s card book, and an instrument to brighten each and every day this summer… and long after.

Classes offered  Thursdays at  9:30 starting 6/21/12.    No class on Thurs., July 5.

Materials: $35 / Tuition: $60 for a total of $95

Registration and payments are so easy online:  Summer 2012 Summer Adventures

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