Lazenby Family   Wow, what a great summer semester we have just had with children from 5 months old all the way up to 10 years old !  I was a bit worried on the first day of the first class as I faced babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, as well as a 7 year old boy and a 10 year old boy who looked like they’d rather be any place else.  You could see the eyes rolling up, and “there’s no way this is going to be fun” attitudes.  But music has a way of working it’s magic, and it wasn’t long before they were participating (in their own unique way, of course).    And by the latter part of class, Nicholas was insisting upon reading the words to the book, as we shared the words in music and in movement with all of the children, making our story time very vivacious. 

During the course of the 5 weeks, it was fun to watch the older children progress from non-participation, to self (unique) participation, to participating with their own siblings creatively, then participating freely with all the children and adults.  It was also heartwarming to watch the reactions of moms with multiple children of various ages see all their children playing together happily, helping each other explore new instruments or props, and finding their most comfortable way to participate.   

The babies and toddlers were fascinated by the way the older children were taking “prop exploration” to a new level.  Preschoolers were eager to try new movements, and were happily singing along with many of the songs. Some of the mom’s expressed their sincere appreciation that they could bring all of their children, from months old, to 4 years old, at the same time. And many families with just one child enjoyed the ability to participate in such a wide variety of ages and activities.  

The wonderful family spirit present in each of those classes was so evident, with the smiles, the comeraderie, the love, and the fun.  They say “the family that plays together, stays together”.  And I can’t help but think this brought families some new ways to play together, and new songs to sing together.  

Were these wonderful scenes recreated at home?  I’d like to believe so, but I’d really like to know.  There is a way to add comments to this, so I would love for participating families to add their comments.  I think this could be part of the fun of blogging.  I look forward to hearing from you!  

When I mentioned it was the last day of class, Sujaya, the 10 year old exclaimed, “Aaawh!”  Sujaya is a graduate of my Kindermusik for the Young Child class, and being back in the Kindermusik class brought back great memories, and brought a chance to share fun musical experience with her younger sister, Ishali, and her mom.  I knew she was enjoying the classes, but I didn’t realize how disappointed she would be that the Family Time class was ending, until she uttered that sad expression.  I must say it made my heart sing, and I almost wanted to tack on a few extra weeks to the class. But life goes on – hopefully more musically, and more enjoyably.  There is still a bit of room in the once a month Sat. class if anyone is interested!  AND the 10 am Family Event on the third Sat. of each month is open to everyone for just $15 for the whole family.  (Although, families new to Kindermusik can get a free Preview Coupon off my website!) Just call to reserve your space in the class! 

Wishing you Merry Melodies, and many summer memories!   Debbie Mondale