My best friend from college got me started on Facebook, and it is amazing the connections I have made (people come popping out from the recesses of my memory).   It has been fun to relive and renew.

Bumper_Sticker_LoveI am ALL about connections, esp. little musical ones, and I started generating ideas on what I could do with a Music Connections Facebook Page.  

So I set it up, a few months back, and tested it with my Village families,  and have been learning how to do all that I wanted to, and MORE.  

See the link in the Right Side bar.   

If you are on Facebook, PLEASE become a FAN !    If not, please consider it, there are some great benefits.

You can receive notifications of:

  • Upcoming Music Connections events and semesters
  • Upcoming Polk County events for children (esp. those focused on music)
  • Links to any of my new blog postings, AND my eNewsletters
  • Links to cool music videos, or online sites for fun with your children
  • Newly uploaded pictures of my current Kindermusik families (with permission, of course)
  • Juicy tidbits of ideas for fun musical activities with your family
  • Short blurbs on how music can really make a difference in a child’s life

I would LOVE to have you join in the discussions on:

  • Parenting Advice VS Real Life”   – This is a place we can discuss our responses to advice we learn from (like Becky Bailey), and to advice where we may have a difference of opinion (like John Rosemond, or…  a child’s Grandmother).
  •  “Family Routines and Rituals”  – From adding special rituals to our family’s daily routines, to making or keeping the rituals of family traditions of holidays alive… let’s SHARE !

Let’s keep connecting this summer.  I look forward to hearing from you.   BTW, don’t comment here – come connect on FB !