Recommended by Families

For over 30 years, Kindermusik has remained constant as the single best choice you can make for your child today. Listen to what other parents say about Kindermusik:


“…I believe that musical education is a very important part of a child’s intellectual and emotional development. The activities that are done in class are age-appropriate and most importantly fun! The at-home activities are a great way to keep that fun going at home so that the learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door.”

– Joan Marie, Pennsylvania

Listen to what parents say about Mrs. Debbie, and her Kindermusik programs.


Structure and Personalization


“… I love the structure and organization of the class without being overly structured or strict.  Ms Debbie is a wonderful teacher. She knows so much about the ins and outs of Kindermusik. She adapts the classes to your child, gives group and individual attention, allows for “independence” when someone (my child) likes to wander off, brings the class together for activity, knows when to pull out just the right instrument to gain attention, and is just overall amazing.


She’s encouraging and is great with giving ideas for home activities. The music is wonderful and my son and I sing most of the songs either in the car, in the tub, before bed, or while we are just playing. I love that the classes bring us closer and that the classes allow grandma and him to be spend time together the days that I can’t go. I can’t say enough good things about Kindermusik.”

–  Christine Thornhill, Winter Haven, FL


Kindermusik is Fun


“I actually told my husband recently and have told some friends that if a random passerby was to glance into the classroom during a class, we would all look silly as *&^%!  Dancing and singing and galloping and funny noises….but its SO much fun and the kids LOVE it!  I explain to everyone that Kindermusik is exactly what every parent needs.  In a week filled with diapers, feeding, work, stress and right before the frustration kicks in after a long week its time for class again! Kindermusik allows me to breathe, have fun and re-connect with my daughter.”

– Megan Lewman, Lakeland, FL


Kindermusik from Infancy through 7 years


“It is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy music with your child. It is a unique way to bond with your little one and then as they age, they begin to learn so much. It is truly incredible.”

–  Michele Carta, Lakeland, FL


Teachers’ Note:  Michele’s oldest daughter started Kindermusik when she was just a baby, and continued through each semester until she graduated from the Young Child program at 7 years old, and is now a budding pianist.  The two younger siblings continue the tradition through each age level.  Dad even attends when he can.

indermusik for the Young Child     (5 – 7 yrs.)


“I think that music is so important, and I think that this is a wonderful way to introduce it to children. At this age, I like this better than just enrolling a child with a teacher for a particular instrument, because they get to learn all about music (reading it, playing it, all the instruments of an orchastra, history, composers, and different types through the world).

It also is a gentle, non-stressful, fun way of learning. My child’s class was fun and everyone encouraged each other and helped each other. We love the Young Child program, and will always recommend it.”


– Laurie Gonzalez, Lakeland

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