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See why over 2 million families choose Kindermusik !   Every family has unique goals, what they are looking for, why they seek out Kindermusik.  What families find may be exactly what they were looking for.  OR it may be even more than they ever expected, creating connections personally and building community, nurturing each other through these delightful and sometimes challenging years with our young children.

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I’d like to visit a regular weekly class and be a part in the magic process of music for a moment !

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I’d  like to  bring my family to an interactive MUSICAL EVENT !

FOUR unique themed EVENTS are planned for 2016,  filled with delightful music, props and interactions,  that we enjoy with other families, and take with us to continue the fun and learning.  Register for ONE, MORE, or all FOUR !

  • January   – Winter Wonderland

Perhaps you are interested in more…

 > > >  Perhaps you are interested in more creative musical interactions with your family?

 > > >  Perhaps you’d like to help build on that spark of interest for MUSIC you see in your child?

 > > >  Perhaps you’d like to have more opportunities to connect with other children and adults?

 > > >  Perhaps you’ve heard how music can be so beneficial for your child’s development?

 > > >  Perhaps you are seeking ways to help your child be truly ENGAGED in the learning process?

Excellent !  Being a part of our Kindermusik family can be all that and more.

 > > >   Be aware that many of these benefits are developed over time through the magical process of music.

At any time,  just contact us to visit a scheduled class.

Just follow the links to request a free preview classes, and we’ll connect with you to schedule a time for you to visit the appropriate class for your child at the time that works best for your family.  Just make sure to identify the age of your child(ren), and the times that will work best for your family (even for a Saturday class, or for class times we may be interested in starting in the future).

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