It began as a little seed of an idea… to celebrate this big round orange fruit of the season with families.  It has since grown into a delightful array of books, songs, dances, stories, and craft activities.  I actually have to prune it each year to allow only the best to be included in our little event.  And there is now offshoots for the Big Kids to enjoy on their own.  What a wonderful pumpkin garden we are growing together !!!

5th Annual Pumkin Party  –  Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kidz Night Out Pumpkin Party – Friday, October 12



Each month, Music Connections and InTune Studios work together to offer a Fine Arts Family Weekend, at our wonderful location:  In Tune Studios.
These included one time events on a specific theme.

For October, we will enjoy our growing garden of Pumpkin activities through all of our events.

Kindermusik Playdates include stories, songs, lap bounces, finger plays, games, and crafts for families to enjoy some creative time together, and leave with ideas, music, and extras to allow further exploration and learning at home.

     9:30 am.  Baby event (3-23 months, or so)

     10:45 am.  Family Event (1 – 7 yrs old, or so)


Cost:  $20 for the first child, + $10 for each extra child participating in class and crafts, etc.

It’s been such a big hit for the past four years, I just HAVE to do it again !!!  This special pumpkin Playdate is adapted for two age groups.

Most families, even those who have children of a variety of ages, including babies, will enjoy the themes of planting a pumpkin garden, exploring these big round orange orbs, dancing like pumpkins, making jack-o-lantern faces, and glowing in the dark !

A special class for babies is designed to meet the unique needs of those who are not yet ready to socialize with the big kids, and love more hands on rolly polly fun!

Want to catch a glimpse of some pumpkin fun we’ve enjoyed in the past?  Simply search PUMPKIN on this website, and enjoy the ideas, links, books, and slideshows that you find.


All those who enroll by Oct. 9th, will receive an email with a PLAYLIST of all the songs that we will use in the class, as well as a download code and a link to 

This will allow you and your child to start listening and becoming familiar with the music, preparing for wonderfully engaging participation in this music experience.

Families can enroll online for either class:     Pumpkin Party Playdate    or contact Debbie:



Kidz Night Out


This event with our art instructor, Carolyn Espina, is an opportunity for the big kids to enjoy an independent evening of art, music, and more…

(leaving parents to enjoy some time of their own…)


Ages 4 and up  (sometimes younger children can be included, just ask.)

Date:   Friday, Oct. 12

Drop off Time:  6 pm.      Pick up: 9 pm.

Cost, including art materials:  $18 for one child, $17 for sibling.

Mrs. Carolyn has some wonderful ideas for pumpkin fun, including decorating a real pumpkin, painting with pumpkins, and assisting to create a pumpkin for our studio, as well as a snack to enjoy while socializing with friends.

For questions, and/or to register your child for this event, contact her at


Personal Note:  My daughter, Cora, and her best friend, love their NIGHTs OUT with Mrs. Carolyn.  Their creativity is allowed to shine, and they always bring home some fabulous personal art.


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Upcoming Fine Arts Weekends for the rest of 2012:

Nov. 10 will be Over The River !!!

Dec. 8 will be Gingerbread Party !!!


What kind of fun does your family enjoy with pumpkins?  How do YOU decorate your holiday pumpkins?


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