We have a NEW LOCATION as of Nov. 1, 2015

YES, this is the third Music Connections has moved in a 11 month period of time…  And

YES, I believe we have found our happy space for quite awhile.

   1736 New Jersey Rd. in Lakeland, 33803  

Lakeside Baptist Complex


Finding Our Happy Space

I am calling it Our Happy Space because we have:

  • a nice sized open room with large windows for natural light,
  • built in cupboards,
  • a sink to wash hands or get a drink of water,
  • a bathroom right outside the classroom door adjacent to
  • a nice sized waiting room with windows.

We will get to use this space exclusively for our Kindermusik program, and the rooms can be decorated with all the things that are important to us, and leave it well organized and ready for the next class.

There is plenty of parking, with trees around it for some shade options.

My heart bursts to think of all the wonderful happy memories we will create together in this place…

The trick is FINDING it…  Once you find it, it will be our happy space to make music and magic happen.


Photoshop image to help make the mental connection.

1736 New Jersey Rd. in Lakeland, 33803

Any good GPS or map system on your mobile device will direct you to this large complex of buildings known as Lakeside Baptist.  AND, there are many things on this page that will help you find our happy space here.   Link to address on Google Map.   More detailed descriptions from a variety of local landmarks are .

Out front, there will be no signs about Music Connections, Kindermusik or Ms. Debbie, yet there are plenty of signs for Lakeside Baptist.

Just take either driveway along the sides to the back parking lot and there will be signs with directions to our Kindermusik classroom.


Front of Lakeside Baptist… entrances are on either side.


In the back, there are two playgrounds, with a ramp up the middle between them, or on the far left side (south end).  There is plenty of parking around either of those ramps.  The building between these two ramps is where the Kindermusik rooms can be found !  The entry doors are on the other side of the building facing toward the other buildings, and there are plenty of signs to help guide the way.


playground not to be used

Advanced warning !!!

These playgrounds in the back are not accessible by us, and will NOT be available to use.

There is a fence around it, and I will do my best to ensure the gates will be secured.


Contact Debbie to visit our new happy space, and see if you agree…

For now, simply contact Debbie to visit a class in session that is appropriate for your child and family.

  • Call:  863-816-8835
  • Email:  musiconnx@gmail.com
  • If new to Music Connections:  Request a Free Preview from this website  ———>

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