Kindermusik Our Time:  FIDDLE-DEE-DEE                                 WEEK 12 

BZZ, BZZ, BZZ! While it is important to teach our children about stinging insects, it is still possible to enjoy bumblebee pretend play. Our Kindermusik bumblebee activities focus on vocal sounds, both loud and quiet, and on fine motor skills, such as buzzing to the flower, and buzzing to our toes.

 OT Solomon - shakers

The development of fine motor skills (finger movements) is essential in increasing a child’s ability to manipulate small objects such as crayons, a toothbrush, a fork, etc. These skills may also later translate into the ability to use the fingers to play musical instruments such as the flute, piano, or cello.   Here’s another classic fingerplay about bees that can be found in the Creatures in My Backyard summer semester:

Here is the beehive, but where are the bees?  (Start out with hand closed)

Hidden away where nobody sees.   (cover with other hand)

Watch and you’ll see them come out of the hive… (hand wiggles, eyes open wide)

One, two, three, four, five !   (let each finger come out one at a time, then buzz all over) 

Fingerplays are a great way to enhance fine motor development and a great way to entertain your child while riding in the car, waiting in the grocery line, or just spending quiet time together. Have a good time with the following activities involving finger movements:  I Saw a Little Rabbit, Itsy Bitsy Mouseykins, Ten Fluffy Chicks, Listen to the Bee’s Song/Buzz Upon the Flower and Here is the Beehive .