I LOVE watching happy children enjoying the act of making music with others –  in this video, as well as in my Kindermusik classes each week.   And your heart will truly melt when YOU see YOUR child so happy to learn and explore, and show you what NEW things they can do, or songs they can sing.   Your house will be filled with joyful music (that you won’t mind listening to over and over again).


It’s amazing how, in less than a minute, you can see so many of the wonderful benefits of these group musical activities (and that’s just the benefits for the children – there are lots more for the parents as well.)

Children are born with a love for music.   To help them build that love into skills can make such proud children, and proud parents.  From the first time they clap, to their first song you can recognize, to realizing they are keeping a steady beat to the music, to hearing them sing on pitch, to watching them play a song on an instrument,  Kindermusik is there with you every step of the way.

So PLEASE share a fun story about your musical child that made your heart swell with pride!