I just learned the term that will represent our children’s generation – Generation C – the Connected Society.   In many ways this CAN be a good thing, but as with most things, moderation, good choices, and balance are key to success.   This infographic from Early Childhood Education Degrees has fascinating information that outlines expectations, generational perspectives, and guidelines for ensuring interactive media is a good thing for our families. Since Kindermusik is offering so many wonderful new digital materials for families, we definitely support these guidelines. The digital home materials are based on research into best practices, and created for parents to interact with their young child during the activities, as recommended by the NAEYC.  Many of these activities encourage active listening, steady beat, and vocal play – all which lead to increased language and reading readiness.

What do we want them to remember of their childhood?  Endless hours alone with media (how I refer to any electronic device including TV, computers, etc.), or happy faces involved in direct interactions.   The BEST interactive media can BE a tool to promote significant interactions, with our family face-to-face, as well as with our family and friends who may be far away.  The worst isolates.


Notice that it recommends that children under 2 years old do not benefit from interactive media devices. Hands on exploration of real life objects is by far better for these young “concrete thinking” minds. Although, I must say that the children themselves think very differently.   Just TRY to keep it away from them – HA !
The Kindermusik@Home Digital Home Materials for babies includes a lot of great ways to teach parents new activities and developmental ideas to use with their baby, and just a few books to read aloud, or a video of something the child may not see otherwise.

Source: Early Childhood Education Degrees

What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? How does technology and interactive media impact your family? Is there someone in your family who needs that “Digital Detox Program” OUCH ! I hope not.