Gertie BallEveryone seems to like my Magic Gertie Balls that we use in class.  Almost every program gets to use them some time during each semester.   The Sign and Sing class is now using them to motivate babies to sign.  BALL is a high frequency word for signing.  To find out more about that program, see my Music Connections Website.  

The Gertie Ball is just the most touchable, catchable, hugable, squooshable ball to play with!  The “Magic” ones we use in class are heat sensitive, so they are light blue when cool, but where touched by a hand, they turn purplish.

You can get them online at Gertie Ball Toys , where you will find an amazing variety of types of Gertie Balls.   Or you can find them at . Specifically HERE for a bit less than their online store. 

Since the Gertie ball is filled with air via a little durable straw, the adult can adjust the density for the specific activity, or age of child.  When filled very full, it bounces very well.  When not so full, it is very easy to catch and grab hold of, making it the perfect ball for babies. 

The texture is kind of like a plyable foam, which also helps it be easy to catch, and just fun to touch and play with.   But there are two points of advice to heed: 

  1. Play with it indoors only (the foamy texture catches the dirt, and it is difficult to clean). 
  2. Be careful with babies/toddlers that like to bite and pull, or with animals that chew such as dogs, etc., as the exterior will break with this kind of misuse, and any bits of plastic bitten off may be a choking hazard.

Have fun, and let’s…. PLAY BALL!!!