Did your kids say they were bored… or maybe that voice was coming from someone a little closer.   Constant parenting needs a few breaks…   DANCE breaks, that is!  It lifts the body, lifts the spirits, and is a great for fun interactions with your children.  ALL at NO COST!

Eric Herman not only MAKES good children’s music to dance to and laugh with, he also shares his insights on other children’s music, and links to excellent sites and blogs for kids.

This song is a great way to “Dance Like an Animal”  ooh, ooh.  Turn up the speakers, sing out loud (easy song), and move along with elephants, hippy hippos, and cockatoos.


I have added an Eric Herman video before.  If you haven’t yet seen it, you simply must see his video of  “The Elephant Song” at Kids LOVE animals. Share the LOVE and the learning. (at the bottom)   My daughter laughs and laughs at the silliness. 

I recently discovered his BLOG, Cool Tunes for Kids, which features:

  • interesting articles by him, 
  • reviews on tons of other children’s music (comprehensive list on left)
  • interviews with children’s musicians
  • links to “other sites and blogs with kid’s music stuff”

WOW – visiting his site is like winning a GRAND PRIZE of connections in children’s music.    We can hardly listen to all of the children’s music I currently have (I do collect a lot more than Kindermusik).  But…  WOW, do I wish I had a lot more money to buy music with.   Let’s just say some of the selections are a lot more eclectic than Kindermusik materials.  It’s fun to mix it up a bit.

Living rooms and Stop Lights are meant for DANCE breaks !

SO, what music get’s you and your children up and dancing?   I’d love to see smatterings of Kindermusik & all sorts of music.

Current favorites of my daughter (5):

  •  Kindermusik:  “All Around the Kitchen – Cock-a-doodle doodle do”
  • Other children’s artist:  The Chenille Sisters – “The Ants in Your Pants Dance”
  • “Fly Like and Eagle” by the Steve Miller Band.   She sings and acts out every word.

My son (13) is at the age where dancing isn’t cool anymore.   But he is currently playing Bob Marley songs and blues songs on his guitar for us to dance to.    But OCCASIONALLY, I can get him involved in a Congo line with the steel drum version of  “Hot, Hot, Hot”.