Stories capture and engage children, exploring familiar and unseen places, connecting with unique characters, following the sequence of how the story lines unfolds, wondering how the conflict will resolve, and the joy of arriving at just the right ending.  The story may initially be presented in a book, or it may be a family story heard by a grandparent, or it could be shared by a talented storyteller.  And once the story becomes a part of a child’s imagination, they want to share it with others as well, although they need a little guidance and help to learn to tell a story well.  And families will see creative ways to expand a story through creating songs, making props & puppets, and even play acting the parts.

That is the magical focus of the Tell Me A Tale Kindermusik Adventure this summer for children from 5 – 7 years old, with some flexibility on this age range.

During our once a week, part day summer camp, students will experience a rich arts-integrative approach to learning the art of storytelling, one that addresses different learning styles fluently through different activities.

How often our favorite childhood memories involve stories and beloved storytellers!  Century after century and all around the world, children have climbed into the laps of caring and sharing adults to hear and tell their favorite tales again and again.  These literary traditions are worth keeping alive in the hearts and minds of our up and coming young people.

The tales in Tell Me A Tale offer a wide variety of rich, diverse, humorous and profound folk tales from around the world, Germany, India, China, Mountain folks of USA, and Africa.  Kindermusik has woven in and around these stories songs, rhymes, rhythmic speech, instrument play and ensemble development, creative and rhythmic movement, focused and discriminative listening, games, crafts and more.



There are 5 classes total scheduled with a concept themes per camp,

Home Materials:  Tell Me A Tale Book, CD, lummi sticks, craft supplies

Cost:  $140 for 5 classes and set of Home Materials

+ $50 for sibling to join

Just ask Debbie about other flexible options.