Grow and Sing Studios, a Top Program in Kindermusik International, and a well-known parent-recommended music program in Orlando, has hired Ms Debbie as part of an amazing team offering Kindermusik online for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Whoo-hoo… Ms Debbie is SOOOO excited to continue doing what she loves as part of an amazing team, and in a way that is a better balance for her life at this time.  “I’m doing my happy dance!”

Who keeps her hand in the Kindermusik jar?

Who me?  Yes, YOU!


Debbie and Holly

Ms Debbie will mainly be teaching the Kindermusik Level 3 Virtual class on Tuesday afternoons, as well as a few of the Fun Friday morning events.  This is part of the Virtual PLUS – Unlimited package.  You will be amazed at ALL that your whole family will have access to each week.   Enjoy choosing daily offerings from a variety of educators, whom I truly believe you will come to know and love as well.  

Grow and Sing Studio offerings

Grow & Sing Studios has a lot to offer.  At this time, their in-person options are all around the Orlando, Central Florida and Volusia County.

What is the Virtual Plus – Unlimited Package?

Actually, your family has two options:

  • Virtual PLUS
  • Virtual PLUS – AND Bilingual Birdies

As soon as you enroll, and as long as you stay enrolled, you will gain access to a WIDE variety of new albums of music, as well as many more e-books.

On Sundays, you’ll receive an email that lists all the class offerings during that week (as per your enrollment).  You will have ONE link that will allow you to join any of the classes you choose to attend, and a list of items to gather to participate in these unique activities. 


Zoom in with your child in the comfort of your own home for a week’s worth of learning experiences.  Join us for ONE or ALL of these events each week as part of your enrollment.   Bilingual Birdies is based on your enrollment.


Mon.   – 10:00 – MUSIC MONDAY:  Dance party, Puppetry, or Special Themed Event

Tues.   –  4:30 – Kindermusik Level 3 – Interactive Music through Imagination and Storytelling for 3 yrs.+

Wed.   –  6:30  – Biligual Birdies – Spanish language  (Add for $8/month)  Click this link for more info.

Thu.    – 11:00   – Kindermusik Multi-age:  Family Interactions for all ages

Fri.      – 10:00  – FUN FRIDAY Sing Along or Themed Event


At least once a month, as scheduled, you can enjoy another sweet option:

Lullaby Evening  – 7 pm   – Sweet stories and songs for calming    (Schedule TBA)


More details for each of the Grow & Sing Studios Virtual PLUS Unlimited package can be found when you click the button below.  


try virtual

Why would I choose a virtual option for my family?

1.  UNLIMITED CLASSES:  On location classes only meet ONCE a week, but with Virtual PLUS, you get daily options and a variety of educators each week.  Classes last about 30-45 minutes, and if one day doesn’t work, others might.

2.  PROGRESS through REPETITION:  The process of music creates the most progress with repetition and personal interactions.  Grow & Sing studios is making it EASY to make this part of your regular routines… and we connect with your family to ensure you see this progress.

 3.  FLEXIBLE PARTICIPATION:  In your own home, you can participate in the way that works best for your child, whether they are active, or hungry, or want to play their drum for every activity…. and in your comfy clothes as well.  You can even leave if you need to and return a different day.

4.  SIBLING BENEFITS:  If you have a baby as well as an older child, these online personal interactions are a special time for your older child to look forward to each day without the hassle of leaving the house.  AND, your older child will learn enjoyable ways to interact with the little one.

5. QUALITY DAILY CURRICULUM:  You have a eager learner under 5 years old who you are choosing to have learn from home rather than day-care.  This music curriculum is designed and adapted through continual research and experience to provide the best learning experiences for your child at each age in all areas of development, including social/emotional skills.  

6.  BUILD SKILLS & CONFIDENCE:  You have a child who is not yet comfortable and confident enough for a school setting.  Often these online interactions cause less anxiety and can help them gain that confidence through developing their musical and social skills.

7.  ENHANCE DAILY LIFE:  These daily offerings make this an excellent opportunities for families to simply make daily routines more joyful and based in developmental practices that are backed by proven research in early childhood education and positive parenting.


Please reach out and connect with us more personally if you’d like more information, or have questions.   CALL Ms Debbie:  863-606-8735  

Connect faster with a Grow & Sing team member at 407-970-2774.