s-bun-flower.gif   May your Easter be filled with the spirit of spring, renewal, and  rebirth.

For some Easter fun, coloring pages, mazes, games, and great links, check out http://www.kidsdomain.com/holiday/easter/ .  We printed out the Peter Cottontail game. Because you move by drawing a color, it’s kind of like Candyland, without having the option of being sent back to the beginning.  We had as much fun making it, as playing it. 

I found the words to the Peter Cottontail song on this site, check out SONGS on  http://w3.gwis.com/~ack/Easter2.html , and had a lot of fun with Nettie’s other Easter additions.  Actually, I think Cora and I had the most fun moving the mouse, and having the trail of musical notes follow the curser around.

I did modify the song a little for their Easter cards and added this verse:

Way back a long time ago,  Jesus helped us save our soul,

He gave us all a path to find the way.

Jesus taught us wrong from right, and became our guiding light,

That’s the gift that means the most today.

Merry Melodies,  Debbie Mondale