We’re singing, and dancing, and making rain music in our Imagine That! class!  Playing in the rain has never been so fun (and so dry), as with our imaginary musical rain excursions.  To enhance our rain play, students designed and created their own Rain Shakers to use for sound effects in our rain story.  AND they designed, created, and decorated their own rain hats to enhance our dancing in the rain activity.

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Their personalities just SHINE when they play such an important role in their creations.  A big round of applause is earned for both the students who created these wonderful crafts, as well as to the parents who listened, and supported their child’s ideas in this creative process, allowing them to do as much as possible.

This type of creative enhancements to a learning experience allows the child to internalize the ideas, and to use these ideas to create something uniquely their own to use with the activities in a new way.  If you’ll notice, several of the students placed their hats on top of their instruments to make umbrellas to dance under.  I LOVE how different EACH person’s hat or shaker is from each other.