Imagine That Storytelling   I am excited to begin this process of sharing with you what I do, and why I do it. All my life experiences have lead me to be a Kindermusik teacher, and I LOVE what I do. I’d like to share with you my thought process behind why I named my company Music Connections.

Even as a child, I recognized how music could bring people together, and as I learned more, through getting my Bachelors in Music Therapy, and through experiences, I began realizing how many ways music helps to make positive connections in the everyday lifes of people. As I see it, there are many connections that active involvement in music can build and/or enhance:
* neurological connections in the brain, fostering a strong foundation for development and learning
* the connection between process and enjoyment, ie. work and play do mix, and can make life a whole lot more fun.
* healthy parental and family bonds, nothing in life prepares a child better for social and emotional growth than the strong bond they have with family
* Family to family networks, for sharing of experiences, ideas, and support
* Resource connections, knowledge of and access to quality materials
* Community connections, connecting with people, organizations, and businesses that foster music and child development, and feeling part of the musical life of the community
* And finally, the connection between music and life, specifically how we can use music to affect our lives in very positive ways.

The Vision of Music Connections, my vision, is to fascilitate joyful music and movement activities, along with resources, education, and services to children and their families that builds and strengthens connections within each person, each family, and throughout the community.

I look forward to doing just that with you and your family, and that it will open your eyes, minds, and hearts to what connections that active music involvment can bring to us all.

Merry Melodies,
Debbie Mondale