Yee-haw…  Now that September is welcoming a bit of cooler weather down here in Florida, we like to invite a bunch of friends for a chance to kick up our heels  and make some heartwarming folk music together.   So Ms. Debbie created a new Kindermusik Playdate for our families with young children to do just that.

These are students from my young musicians class. Our event will focus on families with mostly younger children.

It is exciting to announce this Playdate will be offered at two locations on two different days this month.  Both in downtown Lakeland.


A HOOTENANNY, according to this image, is “a party, most generally one that is well,.. chock full of hoot, with just a little bit of nanny”.  Ours is designed specifically for families with one or more little hoots, babies and children up to around 5 years old, or so.   Get ready for some hootin’ and hollerin’ and a passel of fun.

A HOEDOWN is a jig like dance typically enjoyed at a hootenanny… ours is called the “Piggy Jig”   It’s no harder than a-wigglin and a-jigglin’ every which way, like a little piggy frolicking in the mud.

Our indoor “adventure” has us starting at the barnyard, where props and stuffed farm animals set the scene and invite exploration and animal pretend play… and photo opportunities !!!.

All Aboard !  We load up for a train trip that runs through the back fields and drops us off for a Family Jam with Appalachian style instruments and music.  

We end off with a Family LINE DANCE, and some parachute-like play using a large country style sheet.

Jig along home with a CD with 15 songs that will continue to delight you and your family through the Fall season,  The ”Best of Kindermusik, Vol.2″ CD, as well as a Hootenanny Activity Sheet, and set of rhythm spoons.

Suggested clothing for PHOTO op:   overalls or farmyard outfits and bandannas, possibly with accents of farm animals, etc.
Dates/Times offered:
Sept. 12 – Sat. –      9:30 – Babies:      10:30 – Families  –  KRaP Art Studios
Exciting new location just added 8/25/15:
Sept. 18 – Fri-         10:00 – Babies:      11:00 – Families  –  Bebe Flow   in downtown Lakeland !
Bebe Flow has a delightful living room type space just perfect for our little Hootenanny, but is best for enjoying with only about 8 families.
Register TODAY to reserve your place because the capacity for each event is limited.
This registration form includes the ability to register for one, or more, of our Fall-Oh Me! Playdates for the remainder of this trip around the sun in 2015.
The long ride home from the Hootenanny will be filled with music as you listen to the CD and sing along with “Shoo, Fly” and “Old Joe Clark”.