Dance to your daddy, my little baby !   Please enjoy this slide show of little ones and their daddy’s dancing, signing, and playing together in Kindermusik.

It is one of my utmost pleasures to have the fathers join us in Kindermusik.   Sometimes, Dads get to come with the family to a class, so they can see the magic of music in action with their child.  Sometimes, mom stays home while Dad and child(ren) join us for a day, or enroll for a Saturday class.  Sometimes, Dad fills in for a few weeks when a new baby is born, or if some of the other family is sick.   Sometimes, even Grandpa’s get that honor.   Sometimes, Dad is the one who brings a child everytime.  Often, in the Sign and Sing class, both parents attend so together they learn how to help their child understand and use sign language.

Dads are different than moms, they interact in different ways.  Dads often put children in different positions so they get a different perspective on life.  Or they make movements with more emphasis – like swinging a child so high that it might make them a little unsure.  This actually helps children to feel a little anxious, but learn to trust that Dad is there to make sure they are safe.  It is a safe introduction to taking risks, and learning to deal with those feelings, as well as building trust.

I absolutely LOVE it when a Dad sings and adds that extra lower level of voice.  This makes for a rich sound environment for everyone in the class.

The effect of the unconditional love of a father is powerful, as an infant, as a growing child, as a teenager, and throughout life.

A big thanks goes out to all those dads who get down on the floor and play with their children, and enjoy being a part of the child’s world, as well as introducing them to the world around them.

This is a collection of photos taken during the 2011-2012 school year featuring dads and the wonderful musical adventures they enjoy with their children (some Grandpas too!)


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Please share your favorite moments when Dad was a part of a Kindermusik class.