We sure had a lot of fun with the stuffed animals this week.  A big thanks to those parents who helped their child bring their favorite(s).    As one of the shy guys in my class got to use their favorite animal in a creative way, the activity broke through the barrier of shyness and helped him participate fully in the rest of the class – with a HUGE grin on his face.  I truly LOVE the way music and imaginative play can help children find ways to express their true selves!


The hide & seek activity can easily be played at home while singing “Oh, Where Has My Little Dog Gone?”  It seems most of the children are singing along with this song in class, even more so than many of the other songs. 


I was also so impressed with the way the students were able to listen and tell which instrument to play during the music “We are Fine Musicians”.  Please follow up with this at home with any kind of object that will make those sounds, sticks, shakers, and bells.  Watch your child carefully, but let them be fully independent in identifying which instrument they hear, then finding and playing that instrument.  This is a great way to help your child enjoy the act of listening, and builds their aural discrimination skills, while letting them play with so many different timbres (sounds).


We have been having so much fun telling stories about Eddie and Bandit.  I hope that your child is also having fun sharing these stories at home, and coming up with new ways that Bandit might get lost.  This can be a great Brain Storming activity with your child as you are driving around in your car.  Your activity page for this week gives some great information and ideas.  Both the listener and the teller benefit.   What a wonderful way to bond with your child.