Kindermusik Imagine That! – Cities! Busy Places, Friendly Faces – Wk 8


The excitement was HIGH as I reread Razupazu Toto.  The students were avid reading participants as they pointed out the bird, and generously shared their ideas about the characters in the book.  And as I watched the students recieve their new disposable cameras, I could see that Razupazu’s influence was already hitting their interest buttons.   Enjoy Family Activity #7, taking pictures, talking about them, reminiscing about events, and making your very own book.

I also encourage you to choose a story line, even before you take the pictures.  It really gives more focus to the photo taking, as well as to the book making process.  Choose a favorite story of theirs and exchange certain words to better relate to the pictures you take.  Or it can be “A Day in the Life…” type story.  Razupazu takes a picture of the friends he has made in the different places he visits.  That in itself is a good story line.  Or they can photograph places where they find music.  No matter what the theme or story line, let them dictate their “story” or thoughts about each picture.  It will be a wonderful keepsake for your child.

Remember, this doesn’t have to be done by next week – it will be a work in progress for the rest of the semester.  I hope to see frequent updates, and remember, for every page they finish and bring to show me, they can use the Kindermusik stamp on their work, as a seal of completion. 

I know there seems to be a lot of homework during some weeks for these classes.  I am always so impressed that you folks can keep up with so much.  And when the children bring in their finished work, they are so proud, they simply beam with self-esteem.  I always do have alternative things for them to use if they don’t bring in their own work, but they are typically disappointed that it is not something they did on their own.  Thanks for all the follow up you do, completing activities, and listening to the CD.  I can always tell which ones have been listening to the CD because they are right in there, singing the songs with me.  Or when they are having a bit of a delay in attention span, I often find them humming or singing other Kindermusik songs.  It cracks me up.