The options for music learning are GROWING here in Lakeland,
 and THIS is our new location at 1037 South Florida Ave.Suite #125.

The entrance as seen from the parking lot.

 In Tune Studios
Music Connections
 are collectively moving all our instruments, our talents,
our fabulous teachers and more,
to provide Lakeland with a top notch music studio
for ALL ages, from infants to adults, offering:
  • KINDERMUSIK group classes – infants up to 5 yr. olds
  • KINDERMUSIK for the YOUNG CHILD – music theory for 5 – 7 yr.olds
  • GROUP LESSONS in Voice and Art – 5 years and up
  • PRIVATE LESSONS in voice, piano, guitar, violin, percussion & more
  • SPECIAL EVENTS – like Poetry classes, and guest musicians

This is our entrance seen from S. FL Ave.

We are very excited about our new location at Dixieland Village.  The rooms are bright and spacious. The Kindermusik room actually has two walls of glass block and is big enough to move grandly about with our humoungous scarves.   The ceilings are high enough to let your mind soar.  There are two waiting rooms, one for adults, and one especially for children.  SIX studio rooms will offer group and private music lessons !  It’s EASY to find on the west side of South Florida Ave., and we have great neighbors, like A.I.M. Dance Studio, the Imperial Symphony Orchestra, and Learning Time Tutors.  The Teacher’s Exchange is just 1 block South.

When driving by, look for the paintings in our window.


Find out more about us, and our offerings, on our web sites:


Music Connections 
In Tune Studios  or call 937-7782

Our NEW Kindermusik ROOM !

Although the room is still under renovations, you can see the wonderful glass block walls, and the light airy feeling to the room !  It is the PERFECT size for Kindermusik classes.  I can’t wait for you to see it!  SO PLEASE DO !!!
IN AUGUST, come by to see us and the new place.
  • If new to Kindermusik, enroll for a FREE Preview Class.
  • If you already LOVE Kindermusik, and want some new music & attend a fun class in August, enroll for a Kindermusik Playdate.
  • Drop by to see us on Saturday, August 14th, 12 – 4 pm.  You can pick up a Kindermusik sign and display it in your yard for $10 off a semester’s tuition.
  • ENROLL RIGHT AWAY to SAVE your place in a Fall Kindermusik Semester.  See the coupon below for discount opportunities.
It is EASY to enroll for any of these ONLINE HERE,
or feel free to call me at 816-8835.