This week’s Music at Home 52 encourages your child to play his recorder AND his glockenspiel.  Most of the students have been extremely motivated to play the familiar Kindermusik songs on their recorder, and their recorders are showing it!  We have been practicing “See the Rabbit Running”, and this is the last week we will focus on it in class, so practice it – with the correct hands – and when they play it for me, they will get a rabbit sticker for their glockenspiel.  We were also introduced to the new song, “Bow Wow Wow”, which reviews our new notes low c’ and e’.  If you’ll notice, we have now covered all the notes on the scale, and next week we will start putting this all together.

We also started learning about a different composer.  The At Home sheet 52 encourages your child to talk with you about Johann Sebastian Bach.   Bach was an organist and composer. We talked about him today as well as listened to some of his music.  Try to listen to more Bach, and find out more about his life.  See what you can find out about Bach on the internet, in an encyclopedia, or at the library.  Have them remember ONE interesting thing about Bach to tell us in class.

For more information on classical composers, check out  It is not necessarily written for children, but presents wonderful brief overviews and actual ways to listen and learn about motives and distinguishing aspects of their music.   

I urge you to continually stay in touch with your child about class activities. You might like to ask her questions such as: “Did you play the glockenspiel today?”; “What was your favorite song to sing in class?” or “What kind of game did you play?”  “What makes music FUN for you?”