Picture a beautiful evening around Lake Mirror in Lakeland.  A nice grassy opening is adorned with colorful drums and percussion instruments galore, just waiting for children of all ages and abilities, and their families to arrive and explore the many sounds that can be created within the circle.  A leader emerges and starts an engaging beat.  The rhythm is heard and slowly, exploration turns to creation, and collaboration, and community.   Will you be part of this experience?

PLEASE, come join us and be a part of our first

MusiConnX Us Family Drum Circle

on Friday, July 10, 2015,  5 – 7 pm.

in a grassy area near Lake Mirror in downtown Lakeland.  

There is no charge, and no hidden agendas (no speeches or sales pitches here).   But if the cool vibrations move you to contribute, we will open a “Love Donation” collection  that will go toward scholarships that will allow disadvantaged children to participate in some of the many art, music, and movement programs offered through KRaP Art Studios.We will do this once, and perhaps there will be enough interest to see it happen more regularly in Lakeland,   I hope so.Yes, my drums have been counted, and I have over 30 that have been collected in my last 17 years of teaching Kindermusik.  I’m not EVEN going to try to count all my percussion instruments.  Why, no, I cannot use all of these in any one of my classes, but my Kindermusik families will share that I give it my best shot to share all of them over time.   Individuals and Families are welcome to BYODrum or percussion instrument, but there will be plenty to choose from what I will be sharing for the evening.

Fact is, I have had some wonderful experiences of connectedness and community at many drum circles I have attended on the beaches of Nokomis, Sarasota, Ft. Meyers, and more.  I love drumming…  feeling the vibrations in my hands, in the drum, and throughout my whole body.  The air is alive with steady beats that lay a foundation for creative patterns of rhythms to play around them like children on a playground.

I would love to enjoy this kind of experience in Lakeland, and although we don’t have a sandy beach, we do have a beautiful downtown lake where many a beautiful sunset has been enjoyed.   AND, the lake is right across the street from the newest art studio in town, KRaP Art Studios, (and it’s Creative, Collaborative Community), where my Kindermusik classes are held… And, of course, where many of my drums and instruments reside.

Through teaching Kindermusik, I have also gathered a large collection of rhythm activities that can bring a group of people together in small groups, engaging even young babies in the rhythms of the day.

I may lead a few activities, but for this adventure, it seemed important to have an experienced guide.  Kimberly helped me connect with a  drum circle leader, who is also very dedicated to building up our Lakeland Community, a man known around these parts as Jeff Lakeland.   We’d love to have other drum circle folks join us to liven up our rhythms, and show support for Jeff in his healing process, and Kimberly Wyant for adding her creative element to our own little mecca of cool.

Oh, I am excited.  I hope you are too.  It isn’t required to let us know if you can attend, BUT, I will be posting an Event on my Music Connections Facebook Page that will allow you to indicate if you may be joining us – which in turn provides you a way to keep up with the buzz about the drum circle, and a reminder on the day of the event.

So….  Let’s get a beat on, drum up some Fun, connect with others, and build community.