To celebrate our love of animals, I am including TWO cool videos.   Be ready to let your children watch these videos repeatedly.  One explores the alphabet through animals.  At  the end, there is another cool animal song/video by Eric Herman that we LOVE.  It is WELL worth watching – again & again.  Then you may notice your child starting to act like their favorite animals.  Encourage this, and build on their ideas !

The Animal ABCs  – After watching this, you may try to make your own animal alphabet book.


Giraffes have been my daughter’s favorite animal since she could pick up a stuffed one.  She now has a full family of 5 giraffes, and each has a name and a specific place in their family.  Now that she is 5 years old, she is turning her attention to horses.  It is a true pleasure to see which animals draw her attention, and to see the creative ways she learns about and imitates the animals she is interested in.   She watches our cats and tries to imitate everything she sees, including licking my face (for kisses), lapping her milk, and trying to climb and perch on the back of the couch.  Obviously, some guidance is needed.  BUT, she is learning a LOT about this world – and it is totally self-driven.  I have a good friend whose daughter (and cousin) pretended to be squirrels for about a year.  No JOKE, the living room was designed into a nest, and often filled with acorns.  But they sure know a lot about squirrels now, and a lot more about life.

Children LOVE to SOUND like, and ACT like animals.  They are inherently drawn to these unique creatures.   Kindermusik knows this, and has designed many of their curriculum to focus on music and activities about animals.   ZOO TRAIN uses an imaginary train, the Ally Ally-O, to visit a lot of Zoo Animals.  Fiddle Dee Dee features so many songs and activities about animals (dogs, cats, mice, rabbits, etc.) that it takes 15 weeks of classes, as well as two CDs and many other materials to process and enjoy.  In almost every semester for children from infancy to 7 years old, there are some songs and activities that feature animal play.   

Kindermusik knows that when a child is fully engaged in an enjoyable activity of interest, it opens their mind to all sorts of learning.  Our curriculum is designed to enhance both music development, AND whole child development.  As one small example, we learn to ACTIVELY LISTEN to sounds of real animals, and try to imitate them.  You should see the amazed looks on the faces of children as they hear both a baby monkey, and then a mama monkey, in a Zoo Train class.  Or practice sounding like a small dog, AND a big dog in the Fiddle Dee Dee class.  And then using these sounds in new activities, and with new props, like with the puppy puppets we make out of socks.

I do hope you have a great day, and get lots of attention from your real pet, OR from the pet you thought was your child just a few moments ago.  Oh, by the way, my daughter is allowed to give me ONE kitty kiss a day.  Otherwise, I would get LICKED to death.

Here’s the cool Eric Herman video – what a hoot.  The best part is the little girls voice in the sound track that keeps correcting her dad.  Hilarious.   If you’ve actually read through my whole posting, you deserve this.