Bake, Build, Sing & Decorate !

Our Kindermusik & Gingerbread Art Event, at the Bay Street Bistro in downtown Lakeland, was Fantabulous.   An hour of fun interactive Kindermusik activities based on the music set “Bake, Build, Sing, & Scrub” was perfect preparation for the Gingerbread Art to follow.  Families came away with lots of new playful ideas for kitchen learning.  They LOVED using cottonballs as dough !

Families enjoyed playing with Ginger Play Dough – rolling, cutting shapes, and making ornaments.  THEN, each had their own house to build and decorate.  Stephen Blois, the chef at the Bay Street Bistro, designed and prepared our gingerbread houses.   Carolyn Espina, the art teacher at InTune Studios, made the Ginger Play Dough (and provided everyone a recipe), and headed up the building and decorating of the houses.  Of course, the true creativity came from within each child, with their parent supporting their ideas and efforts.  Enjoy the slide show. 

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There are still more Gingerbread Events in the near future.

Book and Art class with Carolyn Espina at InTune Studios

“I’m the Gingerbread Man” book & 3 types of Gingerbread Man art activities

Tues, Dec. 14 – 9:30 am.   and/or   Tues, Dec. 21 – 9:30 am.

Gingerbread House building & Decorating for the Big Kids ( 5 and up)  with Stephen Bloise, Bay Street Bistro Chef, AND Carolyn Espina, InTune Studios Art teacher. 

Monday, Dec. 20th  3:00 pm. at the BAY STREET BISTRO in downtown Lakeland

For information or to enroll in either event, call Carolyn Espina:  581-5282