Village Logo Kindermusik “Village“  is designed for babies up to 18 months old.

The Village program is the perfect “Village” atmosphere, where moms and babies come to spend quality fun time together, away from regular routines and responsibilities.  Yet they find a comfortable place to explore the social world of a group setting, while singing, dancing, and exploring instruments and props, such as scarves, balls, parachutes, and more.  Parents also learn how music truly influences the development of the whole child through everyday interactions with their babies.


Fall Semester classes are offered on Wed. 9:30 am., or Thurs. 12:30 pm. at Explorations V Children’s Museum in Lakeland.  Parents (or grandparents) attend with their baby for a 45 min. class once a week.

Village - FeathersThe first Semester,  Feathers, begins Aug. 22 – 23rd and runs 8 weeks. 

This magical semester features music, rhymes, and activities about all sorts of birds.  A perfect match for the city of Lakeland, with all it’s many feathered creatures, both real and sculpted.  We even travel to Australia for the Kookaburra.  Feathers, eggs, mirrors and scarves, as well as a variety of instruments are explored in our weekly activities.

Feathers materials    with new instrument  Feathers instrument

Village - Do-Si-DoThe second half, featuring the DO-SI-DO semester, starts October 24 – 25 and runs 7 weeks.  Many types of rhythms and dances are heard on the CD and explored through movement and instrument play.  The book and posters feature fun dancing colorful bears, and provide a movement game to play with the babies.


Materials included with each class are neatly organized in a clear carrying case. 

*  CD of high quality music that we use in class

*  a Children’s literature book featuring bold characters and word art,

*  matching posters to hang in baby’s room,  

SPECIAL NOTE:  the home activity journal has been replaced by a colorful high-quality safe instrument made specifically for babies.