As a parent, I search for gifts that will bring lasting joy to my children, my family, and my friends.  As a music lover, I know that music brings lasting joy, especially when it means that our family will find special moments as we interact with the music and with each other.

Gift Certificate holderDuring THIS 2007 Holiday season, Music Connections is offering several different gift options for parents, or grandparents, to give to their families. 

#1  – a Music Connections Gift Certificate to use toward a Kindermusik class.  The gift certificate will be delivered in this beautiful red felt “wish” bag.

Contact Debbie at to learn options for purchasing a gift certificate.  Once purchased, I will mail it to you right away with a full Gift Certificate indicating the “wish” that you have fulfilled.  There is no additional cost for this felt gift tag.

Gift Certificates can be purchased for a specific amount, ie, $50, OR to cover the cost of a full semester.  A full semester of Kindermusik includes:

  • A set of home materials – CDs, books, instruments, activity guides, etc.  AND
  • A full semester of classes, once a week, for families to attend – to learn the songs, and what kind of things you can do with the music, and even how these activities help children develop.
  • The interactions experienced in class encourages families to grow closer.
  • Children develop skills and foundations for learning that will effect them in so many ways throughout their lives.

gift basket#2 – GIFT BASKET

When you purchase a gift certificate, you may also choose to purchase a gift basket. 

The gift basket would be an additional $20, which includes the following:

  • Red Wish Tag with the gift certificate
  • White wicker gift basket with white cloth liner
  • Yellow scarf
  • CD of your choice (options available upon request)
  • Small instrument of your choice (options available upon request)
  • Possible extras (for an additional cost)

The  Kindermusik Spring Semester Summary for Polk County   blog posting will provide the best overall summary of all the classes with links to more information. 

Specific class times & costs are available on my website: 

KI logoKindermusik has been a long lasting gift for MY family – LOTS of fabulous memories have been made with the music and the activities that have been initiated by the Kindermusik experience.  Plus, I have been doubly blessed by having the opportunity to share it with so many other families as a Kindermusik educator.

I believe you will find that the gifts a Kindermusik semester brings is truly “a good beginning that never ends”. 

If you find this post and are interested in Kindermusik, but do not live in Polk Co. Florida, please go to to find an educator near you.