What better ways to help children relate to our American culture and spirit than stories and songs?   Kindermusik has transferred some of their best books into E-Books as iOS apps, and the majority of their recorded music onto the music download site, play.kindermusik.com.  The following are some of my favorite Kindermusik online resources that I recommend for children from young babies through elementary aged children that are perfect to introduce during Independence Day celebrations.


Kindermusik Apps for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) include Kindermusik Radio and several e-Books.  The whole list of apps is listed and explained on the Kindermusik International website.  But, of course, it is best to access them through the App store on your device.  Simply search:  Kindermusik.   Each book is only 99 cents.

I feel the following E-books take children on a journey that may help celebrate their American Heritage, and/or spirit of our people.

Cowboy Baby – for babies, and all those who love the classic cowboy themes

Henry’s Parade – For Parade lovers of all ages

The Kindertown Fire Brigade –  Demonstrates team work of friends for the community.


Each of those books was originally designed with an integrated album of recordings to accompany them.

These albums can be purchased and downloaded from play.kindermusik.com and transferred to ANY computer or digital players.

Cowboy Baby

This is probably the most “American” album as far as classic cowboy tunes.  This is full of true American Heritage.

Henry’s Parade

This album has the fabulous “Yankee Doodle Dandy”,  but the true focus of this album is to explore traditional woodwind instruments from different cultures.

The Kindertown Fire Brigade

This pack of songs perfectly complements the characters and story of the book, but does not include classic American tunes.


America, the Musical, Vol. 1

Older children may also like the following albums.  My 9 year old daughter listens, laughs, and sings with them frequently.  Each recording is like a mini-musical !

“Gather round and enjoy this collection of historical ballads inspired by the culture, politics, and lifestyles of early America. This musical review of American History from 1776-1899 brings each era to life with vivid characters, engaging and humorous dialogue, and songs about the times. Kid-friendly content is full of interesting facts and makes this an unforgettable musical lesson in history.”



Have you tried the Kindermusik e-Books?  Please share your thoughts on how they work, and which book might be your favorite?