In the first year of Kindermusik for the Young Child, we have been singing and moving to a train song that goes, “Toot, Toot, Train is a-comin’ now…”  We have recently discovered that each toot is the musical note “c”.  This week in class, we spent a lot of time singing “c” in the song (instead of Toot), learning where the note “c” is on the staff, drawing “c” notes, and finding the note “c” on their new glockenspiels (They were so excited to take them home this week.) 

We all had a great time learning about “c”, but toward the end of the class, our smart little Zoe piped up, “Oh, I think I’m getting “c” sick.”  And Michael pipes in, “Yes, I can “c” why.”  After a good bout of laughter, Ms. Debbie said, “I “c” we need to move on.” 

And we did, but NOW they all know where “c” lives on the staff, and on their instrument, “c” sick or not.   Maybe next week, we’ll try, “A Sailor went to C, C, C “