Music Connections is moving it’s Kindermusik programs to be a little more In Tune.


 In Tune Studios is a full music studio offering private instruction in piano, guitar, and voice, as well group voice choices. See their website to get a good overview of their philosophy, professionalism, and focus.  See the website.

In Tune Studios - Front  In Tune Studios is now the new host for MOST of my Kindermusik classes.  The large room behind the narrow middle windows will be a dedicated Kindermusik space.


818 Lemon Street

This white house is on Lemon Street right behind Barnett Park near Lake Mirror. The other side of Lemon Street runs into Hwy 98 South (Bartow Hwy) where Lifestyle Gym is on the corner.

Village, Our Time, Imagine That programs will be held at this location.

A little background:   Tiffany Stokes worked with the Cleveland School of Music as a piano and voice teacher.  She also received her Kindermusik training, and taught ONE class of Our Time.  Because of this, she KNOWS how wonderful and important Kindermusik is.  Cindy Cleveland decided to close her business and be a full-time MOM – (she’s so happy to be with her boys!)  So, Tiffany started her own music studio, In Tune Studios, soon thereafter, and is actively filling her music studio with great teachers and awesome music opportunities for children.

When she walked into the front room of this location, she immediately pictured it as a beautiful Kindermusik room.  She called and offered this room as a full time home for my Kindermusik programs.  How often does THAT happen to a Kindermusik educator?

There are a LOT of benefits with this location: 

  • Centrally located – near downtown, with good parking right on the property.
  • FULL room DEDICATED just for Kindermusik 100% of the time.  ALL my materials can be in one place and not have to be moved to be set up.  So Cool!
  • The room is already carpeted, and I can decorate it and set it up just how I’d like.
  • Natural light streams in from the windows of the front wall. 
  • The air conditioner works and is controlled from inside the room, so I can adjust as needed.
  • There is a large bathroom just through the hall, and will have a changing table.
  • A water cooler is in the hall.
  • There will be two waiting rooms, one just for adults and older children.  AND there is one waiting room with quiet toys and books for younger children.
  • There is a ramp which makes the location ACCESSIBLE for wheeled units.  Although, there isn’t much space for storing strollers inside.  Luckily, since parking is so close, it’s not as needed.
  • I will have more free access to this room, and may be able to offer evening and Saturday options.
  • At this location, I may be able to hire additional teachers and offer more and different programs.  Wanna teach?
  • Tiffany has offered to work out a sibling care arrangement, while a parent is one-on-one with their child in Kindermusik.  This is in discussion phase.  Please let me know if you are interested. 

I will say that the room is a bit smaller so class size will be limited to 8 – 10 students.  Which just means families will need to enroll early in order to save their place in class.  But I think the more intimate setting will be an additional benefit.

I DO have mixed feelings about leaving Explorations V Childrens Museum.  It has been such a wonderful location for my programs for such a long time, and I really respect the people who work there and the time I have spent with them.  I know that many families see it as a benefit to stay and enjoy the museum after class.  Some families see it as a distraction and source for a potential power struggle.  Currently, I am planning on keeping my Kindermusik Saturdays for Families at the museum on the 3rd Sat. of each month. 

I really do want to do what is best for the families, so I invited some of my long time customers to a trial class to get their opinions. .   Everyone seemed to like the new studio space, and were pleasantly surprised with all the amenities, and esp. the windows and natural light !     

I brought out the balls and the parachute, even the hoops to make sure that the room could HANDLE a true Kindermusik class.  This trial class did help determine that limiting the class size was important to make sure the room size was sufficient for everyone to move freely.   There are a few little details that were brought up, which should be remedied by the time classes start.  THANKS SO MUCH to the families who participated !!! 

I would LOVE to have invited everyone, because the opinions of EACH of my families truly make a difference to me.  AND I am looking forward to hearing your opinions once the location is truly ready.