Our Kindermusik Virtual House Party Package immerses your family in to daily opportunities to make music together with us online.  You can choose ANY or ALL experiences offered during the week through Zoom with the code provided.

If you are choosing to stay safe at home, you can easily fit Kindermusik in as part of your daily routines.  This can give you delightful scheduled moments of joy to look forward to in your day, and new music and resources to continue engaging musically throughout your days together.  This virtual format provides the freedom of letting your child move and groove any which way they want without limitations of social distancing (as is required in our OUTDOOR classes), and with the flexibility to join us at the times that work for your family… your whole family.  

Sept. – “It’s Music Day”

Dec. – “Winter Wonderland”

“It’s Music Day” Virtual House Party Weeks – Sept. 1 – 13.

TRY our Virtual Kindermusik experiences during the first two weeks of September for just $25/week, which includes unlimited participation in any and all of the experiences offered during the week.  You will also get access to a new album of music you can listen to in our new Kindermusik APP available on any mobile device.  You will love the other resources you get as well, like the eBook for “It’s Music Day” and printable coloring and activity pages.


Register NOW for a week or two of Music Connections’ Virtual Kindermusik House Party to try it out the experience with your child.  Discover creative ways to make this a successful experience for you all.  Then you may choose to join us for the Full Fall Kindermusik Session.  If you do, your Payment for the House Party will be applied to the Fall Session enrollment.

OR, you can make it EASY and enroll for the full Fall session… and these two weeks are INCLUDED.  You can get your music and start right away.  When you enroll for the full session now, you set yourself up for a consistent, joyful and stable structure for your time at home this Fall.  AND, YOU will get a physical book of “It’s Music Day” to enjoy reading together. 

“It’s Music Day” discusses the routines and rituals you can enjoy as you anticipate your time making music together with friends.

Mira, Royal Detective is offered as a separate one-time experience.  Or, when you choose this Virtual House Party, it is included.

Virtual House Party Weekly Schedule

$25 per week includes Unlimited access to any and all broadcasts!

Days, Times, and Ages

10:30 am – Dance Party
12pm – Storytime at Lunchtime

10:30 am – Mixed Age:   1 – 7 yrs
12:15 pm – Level 3:        3 – 5 yrs. 

10: 30 am – Mixed Age:  1 – 7 yrs     
12:15 pm – Level 3:         3 – 5 yrs.

10: 30 am – Mixed Age:   1 – 7 yrs
12:15 pm –  Level 1:    2 – 22 mths 

10:30 am – Dance Party


You will be able to participate in two different class themes: “It’s Music Day” and “Mira, Royal Detective”.  They are scheduled into BOTH weeks, and at each Level.

These Themed Events are also offered as separate events, if you are only able to schedule one class.  Check the schedule for both weekday and weekend events.


Once registered, we email login info to you, allowing you to join the classes. All you have to do is log in from your device or connect us to your TV. You and your little one will be able to participate with our educators and other children in real time! We use Zoom, a platform that allows all of us to see each other so that we can still feel connected to our community. A recommended “prop” list is supplied each week for class (all things you can find around your home). Bring all of your favorite instruments and prepare to sing, dance, and play along at home.

The nice thing about these classes and activities is that you will be able to participate in your own way, just like you would in a regular studio class. You can turn your video on or off as needed, and you can even leave the class and come back later if your child has a meltdown or runs away. In addition, you’ll be able to do special things you wouldn’t be able to do in our in-person class, like eat whatever you want, let your child play with his/her own toys from home, and/or even bring in the family dog or cat for Quiet Time!

Parents, we know that typically we want to limit screen time. We want to reassure you that this is NOT the kind of activity where your child watches and you go cook dinner. The program is being designed in the same spirit as our classes, where the teacher is the facilitator to your engagement with your child. It is being designed to be very hands on with parents and their children, while a familiar face is on the computer singing and guiding you along. You’ll get the same activities and all of the wonderfully developmental things you’ve come to expect in the classroom.

Please note we take attendance to ensure all entering our platform are officially signed up. Links are not shareable.

We only have permission to broadcast live, AND we believe these LIVE INTERACTIONS are what make our experiences so beneficial. Recording music by Kindermusik goes against our license agreement with Kindermusik International, as well as child protection laws.  Just to clarify: classes cannot be recorded and shared for viewing later.

Kindermusik Makes it Easier for You

Through the rest of Fall 2020, the same Tues, Wed, and Thurs. classes continue with your unlimited access to join us as much as you’d like.  Many of my long-time Kindermusik families are opting to make it easy and enroll for the full Fall Kindermusik session, which includes these two weeks, for just $65/month.

When you discover the joy and convenience of making music a part of your daily routines, you may find that you and your child have something delightful and consistent to look forward to enjoying together.  With new music and activity ideas shared with you regularly through our ongoing weekly classes, you can relax and enjoy these moments, knowing the process of music is SPARKED during class, and that the magic truly happens in your child’s mind, body and heart as you continue to engage in the music and activities throughout your days together.

Music for Celebrating Seasons

  • One Saturday each month
  • Register for one or more

9:30 –  Babies up to 20 months

10:30 – Mixed ages: 1 – 5 years

This could be your first Kindermusik experience to enjoy together, or…      This could become an anticipated monthly family ritual.