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designed for 1 1/2 to 3 year olds.

This Kindermusik program is a wonderful place for families to experience the social world of children and adults, while children learn to participate in structured group setting. Toddlers learn to balance their need to explore their world independently, and their continued need for the close bond and security of the parent or significant partner (close relative or friend) with whom they attend. All the while learning to love music through rhymes, songs, movement, and exploratory play.


Materials include:

  • 2 CDs of high quality music featuring a variety of voices, instruments, and styles presenting songs and chants based on the unit theme.
  • 2 Children’s literature books with interesting characters, story lines, and word plays
  • Home Activity Book which includes the words & melodies of the songs, as well as ideas, cut out games, and optional resources to help bring the learning home.
  • A Unique Instrument – designed and made durable, specifically for young children to enjoy.
  • A cool carrying container, designed around the theme of the semester or one of the characters in the book. This becomes a wonderful tool for open-ended play throughout the semester, and beyond.

Fall Semester 2009

Wiggles & Giggles – Children love to move in so many ways. Bathtime themes such as bubbles, water, boats and more are introduced by the book “Pete & PJ” Children love the simple story and motive on each page, “Wishy Washy, Wishy Washy, Wishy Wasy, WHEEeeee!” The next book, “Watch Me!” introduces fun new ways that animals move. And the last part of the semester focuses on the love between family and friends. The instrument is a set of blue zig zag blocks, an excellent update on the classic sand blocks – lots of ways to make sounds!

Spring Semester 2010

AWG materials

Away We Go! – Hop on the train, get in the car, board the plane, ride a horse and Away We Go! This delightful unit focuses on transportation, a favorite topic for toddlers who are on the go, go, go! Sing and play along with favorite songs, such as “I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad” and “Wheels on the Bus”. Explore fast and slow, smooth and bumpy, and high and low, and much, much more. Zoom, Zoom! The instrument is a set of two harmonicas especially designed for children to play easily. The cardboard case is designed in the shape of their soon to be favorite train, Shiney Dinah.

Fall Semester 2010

Milk and Cookies! – Yummy! Using a favorite snack as a class theme, we’ll give you songs and stories to bring more music into daily routines with your toddler—if it’s going to the store, baking cookies, or spending time together in the kitchen. Each activity was carefully created to help your toddler build confidence, self-control, and social skills. The instrument is a wooden stir-xylophone. The case is a vinyl, Velcro insulated lunch bag you’ll use long after this class is over.

Spring Semester 2011

Fiddle Dee Dee – Animals make marvalous sounds, move in unusual ways, and have specific characteristics that children simply find fascinating. Through these songs and activities, families will explore the world of animals, from pets to farm animals and so much more. The instrument is a set of two FiddleSticks – hollow rhythm sticks with wooden beads to rattle inside. The music on the CD features a variety of stringed instruments, and music from around the world. The case is a colorful cardboard doghouse, designed for creative play!

For specific info on classes in Lakeland, FL, please see my website:  http://musiconnx.yourvirtuoso.com , or call Debbie at 816-8835.

For more information on classes anywhere else (KI is in 60 countries worldwide), make your way to the Educator Locator at www.kindermusik.com .