Our Time:  Fiddle-dee-dee                                          (1 1/2  to  3 1/2  years)
Wed & Thurs. mornings starting Jan. 24 – 25.   Check online for more information and class availability: http://musiconnx.kindermusik.net

john-debbie.jpg  We’ll meet many animal characters this Spring semester in our books, activities, and songs—each specifically chosen for a toddler’s emerging interests and physical skills. With silly, bumpy lap bounces we’ll help your child develop rhythm while further developing his ever-emerging language skills. With a special array  of stringed- instrument accompaniments on the CD, you’ll bring home the songs and imaginative play ideas to help your toddler stay a happy and engaged learner at home, too.  The home kit comes with a set of unique Fiddlesticks, which works both as rhythm sticks, and wood shakers.  We’ll make puppy puppets from socks (excellent for vocal play), and present lots of other activities that bring out the fun animals in all of us.  A Howling great time for 15 weeks!