Kindermusik developed this new program as a ONE-TIME event WITH materials.


This summer seems a GREAT time to offer these events, as families are struggling with summer schedules and financial hardships, but still want to add the joy of music to these days with their families.

The class activities will be typical of regular Kindermusik classes, but will be based on the theme of the materials that families will be able to take and use at home.  

  • These events will be scheduled occasionally this  summer    Please take the survey to help me plan effectively
  • OR, you can choose to HOST a Kindermusik Playdate at a time convenient for you and your friends.  (see details below)

We have an incredible opportunity to use the overstock of Do-Re-Me & You products (which many of you may remember that I used to sell), which are now being offered at incredible prices.  The quantities of these products are limited, so this opportunity won’t last long.   I even have several sets that are no longer available. 

Materials Cost:  $10 for CD  AND a book or instrument  (some may be less)    If you purchased the materials previously, there is no cost unless a craft is planned.  

The Tuition is just $15 for the first child, $5 for each additional sibling.

Minimum enrollment of 6 is required to make a class.  Max of 12.
Families are allowed to participate only once for each set of materials.

The first events are already scheduled for June 25, 26, 29

  • Thursday, 10:30 am.  Friday, 11:45 am.,  Monday, 10:30 am.
  • NIGHT class:  Thursday at 5:15 pm.
  • Check for details & enroll on my Facebook Page.  Link at right ->
  • OR contact Debbie for details.  At this time, enrollment is only possible through direct contact (since it is so new, and I have limited  materials available.)  Email:

Please take this survey to indicate your preferences so I can plan effectively.

Kindermusik Playdate Survey

These are some of the options you will see:

  • Family Playdates (for children of all ages to attend with one or both parents. Grandparents welcome).   These will be offered on the 3rd Saturday of each month, as well as week days.
  • Babies Playdates (for infants up to 18 months and their partner – parent or grandparent)
  • Toddler Playdates ( 1 ½ to 3 ½ yrs and their partner)
  • Preschool Playdates (for children 3 ½ to 5 yrs. To participate independently for 45, then parents join for  15 min.)
  • Big Kids Playdates (for children 5 – 8 yrs. To participate independently for 45, then parents join for 15 min.)

Host a Kindermusik Playdate     aka.  “Debbie On Demand”

YOU pick a date and time that you and your friends can get together, and invite me to YOUR HOUSE, or desired location for the event. The host chooses the theme and gets FREE tuition and materials, and a $20 discount on an upcoming Semester. Guests pay standard price.  Host and guests who register for an upcoming semester get discounts or prizes !  (But there is NO pressure for further enrollment.)

See my blog posting for further information.

Contact Debbie to schedule a Kindermusik Playdate at your house.  Choose your materials and theme. 

Debbie’s note:  A full semester of Kindermusik REALLY is the BEST for the child, as it allows for the process of learning through music to work it’s magic week after week in the inner most places of a child, and provides ongoing support for parents in the process of learning to use music in the daily routines, and utilizing  “teachable moments”. 

A One-Time event like the Kindermusik Playdate CAN  introduce the theme, the music, ideas and inspiration for parents to add music to their daily routines.  As I hope it will for your family.

This won’t be offered during regular semesters except for the 3rd Sat. of the month.  And may NOT be available next summer due to the limited quantities of the materials.

Participants who enroll for an upcoming full semester at the end of the event will get a GOOD discount, or prizes on the spot!