Saturdays are a special time for Kindermusik Families ! 

Every month, Spring through Summer

Family Classes will be held the 3rd Sat. of each month.

10:00 am. Kindermusik Family Time Semester (5 classes)

11:15 am.  “Best of Kindermusik” Family Events (single class)

Happy wigglers

“Best of Kindermusik” Family Events   

  • Families can register for one 45 min. class.  Repeat as often as desired.   

  • $20 for the whole family, includes “Best of Kindermusik” CD.  
  • Families new to Kindermusik can use their FREE COUPON, (request one)
  • Register for a semester of Kindermusik, you can get a free CD. 

Families walking down the street

Kindermusik Family Time

  • Families enroll for a full semester:  60 min. class each month for 5 months.  
  • Excellent option for working or busy families, or even for full familes that enjoy doing things all together. 
  • Includes a full set of materials – 2 CDs, 2 Children’s books, a Home Activity Book, 2 puppets, 2 instruments & a game.


New Semester “Moving & Grooving”


The newest unit:  “Moving & Grooving” is a “romping, rolling, stretching good time for the whole family. This ten-lesson unit of Family Time will explore lots of different ways to move—high and low, fast and slow, zigzag, curvy, and more. Family members will chug around the classroom like trains, clip-clop like horses, and roll over like puppy dogs. They’ll hear a story about playing tag together in Can You Catch Me?, and read about a jungle hokey-pokey in Put Your Left Paw In.   Show your best groovin’ moves—it’s time for Movin’ & Groovin’.” 

As with all Family Time classes, there is a lot of singing, dancing, exploring instruments, and playing with fun props like scarves, balls, parachutes, and lots more.  Come and enjoy the musical fun together with your children.  It will build beautiful memories within you and your children, and you will be amazed at how musical your lives will become.


PLEASE register in advance, as space is limited.

For EACH Family Event:  Contact Debbie: 816-8835 

To enroll in a Family Time semester, contact me, or register directly on my website: