Saturdays are a special time for Kindermusik,

esp. since it is offered just once a month.

Coming up THIS Saturday, Oct. 13th.


Fam Event 4-07Family Events  – Families can register for 1 class  (at 10 am. for 45 min.)  

$20 for the whole family, includes Best of Kindermusik CD.  

FREE to families new to Kindermusik, and the CD is free if you enroll in a semester of Kindermusik.  Also FREE as make up class for current students.


Peterson family drumsFamily Time – Families can enroll in a full semester  (11 am. for 1 hour)

Includes a full set of materials – 2 CDs, 2 Children’s books, a Home Activity Book, 2 puppets, 2 instruments & a game.

Excellent option for working or busy families, or even full familes that enjoy doing things all together.

The following dates apply for both classes.  The theme relates specifically to Family Time:

Oct. 13 – On the Farm

Nov. 3 – Visit Family/Friends


PLEASE register in advance, as space is limited.

For ONE Event:  Contact Debbie: 816-8835 

To enroll in a semester, contact me, or go to my website: