Learning good habits to stay healthy, and to keep others healthy is important, but does NOT come naturally – they must be taught.  Different children learn different ways, and some enjoy learning through cartoons.  Watching is only the beginning of the learning process though.  After you watch one of these videos with your children, go right away to practice the skills that Crawford teaches  –  whether the child is sick or not.  Practicing can be fun if the child is pretending to be Crawford the Cat, teaching YOU or a friend how to do it right.  Don’t you love how children love to teach others?  

In this first video, Crawford show WHY, WHEN, and HOW to wash hands effectively.   A fellow educator, Ms. Christa, shared this video on her blog, and added to make sure to clean the faucet handles first, and use a towel to turn them off.  THANKS Christa !


In the second video, Crawford is sick, and reviews ways to make sure NOT to pass along his illness to anyone else. 


Older children may enjoy pretending to be Crawford while you pretend (or actually) video tape them as they explain how to do things right !

If you think this is a great way for your child to learn, go to www.crawfordthecat.com to see the videos available.  There are even downloadable pictures to print and color.

If you could dream up a perfect video for Crawford to teach your child a healthy skill – what skill would YOU choose?