Kindermusik began at KRaP Art Studios, a brand new art studio in downtown Lakeland on Saturday June 13, 2015.  We were welcomed with opened arms and enjoyed our time at this location.

Update:  Nov. 1, 2015, Music Connections moved to 1736 New Jersey Rd. in Lakeland, FL  33803 at Lakeside Baptist.

Kimberly Wyant, the owner of KRaP Art Studios is still near and dear to our heart, and was there for us when we needed a space.  But we have both grown and need to find our own spaces to thrive.

This studio is a fabulous place for older children and adults to explore their creative side, and to center themselves through art, yoga, meditation and more.

NEW LOCATION:   KRaP Art Studio    –    454 E. Main Street  Lakeland  33801

Across the street from Lake Mirror, there is the Central Vacuum Cleaner Co. plaza.  Just to the left is a nice sized PRIVATE paved parking lot  adjacent to the shops.  This side of the building doesn’t look like much yet, but watch for some creative fun to erupt.


Krap Art  Store Front

KRaP Art Studio is located behind Central Vacuum Co on E. Main Street

The first door is Kimberly’s Recycled Art Projects, aka KRaP Art.  Kimberly Wyant is the owner and queen collaborator of this studio.  She showcases her amazing art and creations of functional art from found objects, as well as her husband’s hammocks.  If you frequent the Downtown Lakeland Farmer’s Market, you may have seen her or her husband there with their delightful wares.  They still plan to frequent the Saturday market, but are happy to have a home for much of their work… AND the opportunity to collaborate with many creative locals to offer a variety of options for adults, and for families.

Follow her creative adventures on the KRaP Art Facebook Page.

Within her store is a Project Room, where there will be many creative classes and workshops offered.  The bathrooms are located in the Hallway.  Both of these spaces are currently undergoing a transformation into Interactive Coloring Walls, where the paint creates lines and spaces that invite collaboration from other painters, of any age, to color in a daisy, or a butterfly, or other creative objects with just an outline as a guide.

 The LARGE Room for more…

The second door opens to a large rectangular room… with comfy carpet and it’s own AC unit.  Local bands of older teenagers and young adults, are finding this to be a wonderful small venue to practice and perform.


 Creative Collaboration will thrive here.

While I am excited to have a more permanent location that makes life a little easier for me, I must admit, I am equally as excited about the collaborative and positive creative people that I will be working with here, and what they have to offer for me, my family, and everyone in Lakeland.    There is a focus on helping people, including children, learn the skills of creativity, intentional living, mindfulness, and the focus to help us nurture and guide each other through this crazy, wonderful, beautiful world, making it a better place for everyone.

Check out this list of offering from KRaP Art Studios:

  • Interactive Coloring Walls
  • Family Yoga with Brooke
  • Alternative Education with Cathleen Nelson
  • Mandalas and Mindfulness
  • Drum and Instrument Making with Recycled materials
  • Drum Circles

In the near future:

  • Felt creations such as dolls and penny rugs
  • Photography
  • Polymer Clay Bead Making
  • Meditation opportunities

Simply Krap-tastic, isn’t it?

What would you like to see offered with these ideas in mind ?